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HONEYCOMB ALUMINUM CORRUGATED - RIGICELL Product details Description Honeycomb aluminum corrugated is produced for higher density range. In this process adhesive is applied to the corrugated nodes, the corrugated sheets are stacked into blocks, the node adhesive cured, and sheets are cut from these blocks to the required core thickness.We can supply corrugated with a sheet of substrate material placed along the nodes in the ribbon direction to increase the mechanical properties. Thickness on customer's request. Features - Very high resistance to compression and shear - Corrosion resistant / recyclable material - Excellent energy absorber Applications It is used in different industrial and aero sectors to abosber energy, ensuring a long life and resistance to moisture and temperature Designation Honeycomb is designated as follows: Alloy of aluminium 5052 = 2 Cell Size : distance between two parallel sides of the hexagon Density : is the nominal density in pounds per cubic foot Cell configuration: Mechanical properties 5052 Alloy Rigicell™ Aluminum Corrugated Honeycomb Both CR-PAA and CR III corrosion-resistant coating The values shown are approximate and not binding x = expected values P = preliminary data I.MA.TEC. IMPIANTI MATERIALI & TECNOLOGIA srl 20019 SETTIMO MIL.SE - VIA A. Einstein 16/18 - Tel. 02 33 510140 - Fax 02 32 84036 e-mail info@imatec.it - www.imatec.it

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