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HexFIow® RTM6-2 180°C bi-component epoxy system for Resin Transfer Moulding and Infusion technologies Product Data @ <+5°C 12 months (Part A & Part B) @ 23 °C 1 month (Part A & Part B) Description HexFIow® RTM6-2 is a two component resin designed for resin transfer moulding (RTM) and infusion processes and to fulfil the requirements of the aerospace industry. This system is designed for ease of transportation by road, air and sea. HexFlow® RTM6-2 operates at service temperatures from -60°C up to 120°C (-75°F up to 248°F). At room temperature, after appropriate mixing, it is a brown translucent paste but its viscosity decreases quickly by increasing the resin temperature. Advantages ■ Transportable version of standard qualified HexFlow® RTM6 ■ Suitable for storage at +5°C or lower temperatures ■ Same formulation as standard HexFlow® RTM6 after appropriate mixing ■ High glass transition temperature ■ Excellent hot/wet properties ■ Easy to process (low injection pressure) ■ Long injection window > 150 min at recommended injection temperature ■ Low moisture absorption ■ Short, simple cure cycles Availability HexFlow® RTM6-2 resin is available in kit form for part A and part B and in drums of up to 200 kg per component. HexFlow® RTM 6-2 resin is also available with a wide range of Injectex®, HexForce® and multiaxials fabrics (carbon, glass, aramid, hybrid). Storage ■ Shelf Life (after mixing) ■ Guaranteed Shelf Life (after mixing) ■ Guaranteed Shelf Life (before mixing) Transport classification 1) Prior to mixing air freight is possible Product classifications: - HexFlow® RTM6-2 Part A: UN3082 division 9 GE III - HexFlow® RTM6-2 Part B: UN3077 division 9 GE III 2) After mixing: Air freight is totally forbidden Product classification: - HexFlow® RTM6-2 Mono-Component: UN 3233 division 4.1 (type C) Typical Resin Properties RTM6-2 after mixing Gel Time

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HexFlow® RTM6-2 Viscosity Profile RTM6-2 after mixing Complex viscosity (Pas) Viscosity (mPa.s) HexFlow® RTM 6 Isothermal viscosity Viscosity for a standard injection cycle Viscosity evolution versus storage time at 80°C RTM6-2 after mixing Initial viscosity 120°C (mPa.s) Viscosity after 2h at 120°C (mPa.s)

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Neat Resin Properties

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HexFIow® RTM6-2 Mixing: ■ M ix ratio in weight: Part A: 100, Part B: 68.1 (for volume mix ratio or any other Hexcel Technical Support) ■ Preheat temperature for Part A: 60-80°C, Preheat temperature for Part B: 85 ± ■ Pour part B into part A and mix together at defined mix ratio ■ Stir slowly at a maximum of 80°C for 30 minutes Process Specification details please contact 5°C (for around 12 hours) Injection: ■ Preheat resin at 70 - 80°C in the injection pot ■ Preheat the mould at 120°C ■ Inject the resin (80°C) under vacuum/low pressure (1 to 5 bar) Degasing can be done if necessary Standard...

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