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HexFIow® RTM 6 180°C mono-component epoxy system for Resin Transfer Moulding and Infusion technologies Product Data Description HexFIow® RTM 6 is a degassed, monocomponent resin specifically designed for resin transfer moulding (RTM) processes and to fulfil the requirements of the aerospace industry. Nature HexFlow® RTM 6 is a premixed epoxy system for service temperatures from -60°C up to 120°C (-75°F up to 248°F). At room temperature, it is a brown translucent paste but its viscosity decreases quickly by increasing the resin temperature. Advantages ■ Monocomponent system ■ Already degassed. Ready for use ■ High glass transition temperature ■ Excellent hot/wet properties ■ Easy to process (low injection pressure) ■ Long injection window >150 min at recommended injection temp. ■ Low moisture absorption ■ Short, simple cure cycles Transport classification Product classification: ■ HexFlow® RTM 6 Mono-Component: UN 3233 division 4.1 (type C) Availability HexFlow® RTM 6 resin is available with a wide range of Injectex®, HexForce® and multiaxial fabrics (carbon, glass, aramid, hybrid). Storage ■ Shelf Life @ 23°C 15 days minimum ■ Guaranteed Shelf Life @ -18°C 9 months Typical Resin Properties

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HexFlow® RTM 6 Viscosity Profile Complex viscosity (Pas) Viscosity (mPa.s) HexFlow® RTM 6 Isothermal viscosity Viscosity for a standard injection cycle Viscosity evolution versus storage time at 80°C Initial viscosity 120°C (mPa.s) Viscosity after 2h at 120°C (mPa.s)

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Neat Resin Properties

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Process Specification Injection: ■ Preheat resin at 80°C ■ Preheat the mould at 120°C ■ Inject the resin (80°C) under vacuum/low pressure (1 to 5 bars) Please consult: HexFlow®RTM6/RTM6-2 Safety & Processing Recommendations for Injection & Infusion for more information. Standard Cure and Post-cure Cycle Recommended cure cycle : 120 min at 180 °C - no postcure Important All information is believed to be accurate but is given without acceptance of liability. Users should make their own assessment of the suitability of any product for the purposes required. All sales are made subject to our...

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