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PTC760 - 1

Hytera Multi-mode Advanced Radio

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PTC760 - 2

New Convergent Solution The Hytera Multi-mode Advanced Radio is a revolutionary device in the private radio network industry. The first of its kind to offer a truly convergent platform for critical voice and broadband data services, this innovative development is a significant milestone. The radio supports multi-mode communication in different scenarios, whether it’s daily business operations or emergency response, broadband or narrowband, utilising the public or private network. Offering the user a truly unified communication experience. The rich applications and high-level data security...

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PTC760 - 3

Interactive Design Features Mission Critical UI Design One hand operation Quick press to view critical information Rich information on the home page, customised favourites Interchangeable colour bands to quickly identify handset Multi-functional control (press and rotate) Switch between volume, channel and contacts Front & Rear Camera Rear 13MP camera supports 4K HD video Smart Key Function varies depending on application Screen Design PTT Push to talk Easy to use Large button Dual-screen for power saving Quick-view Top Screen Clear information at a glance from multiple angles Screen...

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PTC760 - 4

Function & Technical Features Open Secondary Development Interface to Enrich Services and Applications An Application Development Kit (ADK) is available to third parties to allow organisations to customise their own applications. Consequently, all mobile resources can be integrated in to this single work platform. Now it’s more than just a radio, it’s your smart mobile device. Government and Public Security Public Utilities Broadband and Narrowband Converged Crystal Clear Critical Voice The narrowband switches between digital and analogue, the broadband supports all mobile networks, and the...

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PTC760 - 5

Hytera Smart MDM – Smart and Secure, With Complete Control The Hytera Smart Mobile Device Management (MDM) fully utilises broadband capacity to facilitate your device management. By traversing a variety of broadband networks, Wi-Fi, 4G and LTE, this solution conducts batch programming, upgrades, permission control and data backup. As well as device administration and control, the Hytera MDM can also support accessory management such as Remote Video Microphones whilst also being compatible with your Hytera narrowband radios, improving traditional device management. As users lead with...

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PTC760 - 6

System Topology Admin Client Cloud Server Cluster (for Backup, Streaming Media) BT User Client (automatic) Narrowband Radio Multi-mode Radio 4G/LTE Narrowband Radio Multi-mode Radio System Function Task Gantt Chart Role Permission Asset management to set up archives for Visible Gantt chart to clearly display task Different roles for administrators to conduct each radio. different management services. Programming Template Work Station Programming template management to Unattended work station to process tasks and Generate reports for all-round tasks statistics create parameter sets for radio...

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PTC760 - 7

Specifications Standards and Frequencies Item Channel Spacing Frequency Stability Antenna Impedance Audio Output Audio Distortion Spurious Response Positioning System Ambient Light Sensor Sensors Proximity Sensor Gyroscope Accelerometer General Specifications Video and Imaging Video File Types Broadband RAM: 3GB ROM: 32GB eMMC Expandable to 128GB with Micro SD card Narrowband Expandable to 16GB with Micro SD card 4.0” 800x480 Capacitive, Touch screen, Gloves Compatible Front Camera Auto Focus Operating Voltage Auto Focus Rear Camera Front Camera: 1080P HD up to 30 frames per second (fps)...

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PTC760 - 8

Main Features (DMR/Analogue FM/LTE) Main Features (TETRA/LTE) Work Mode Voice Service Digital Conventional Analogue Conventional Digital Trunking Public Network Private Call Call Queuing Group Call Call Priority All Call Phone Call Broadcast Call Emergency Call Forced Insert/Clear Down Contacts Messaging Camera Gallery Sound Recorder File Manager Work Mode Voice Service Private Call Call Queuing Group Call Call Priority All Call Phone Call Broadcast Call Emergency Call Contacts Messaging Camera Gallery Sound Recorder File Manager Data Service User Security Data Service User Security Text...

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