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PT560H - 1

TETRA Portable Terminal Water and dust proof, these IP68 rated devices are rugged and reliable, offering a high RF output, clear digital audio and in-built Bluetooth and GPS. Ideal for mission critical users. Excellent Performance with IP68 water & dust ingress protection, higher RF output, clear digital voice, built-in BT and GPS positioning, the Tetra portable PT5 series will ensure the call gets through anytime and anywhere. The PT560H radio is the latest addition to the PT5 Series TETRA Portables.

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PT560H - 2

Highlights Reliable Design The PT5 Series is designed to comply with the TETRA ETSI Standard, but is also certified MILSTD-810 G and IP68 Dust & Water Protection. These tests ensure that the PT5 Series will stand up to the toughest conditions and all-weather environments. Improved Receiving Performance The PT5 Series has received a 2dB sensitivity improvement compared to previous generations. This will help capture weaker signals and increase coverage. Outstanding Audio The PT5 Series offers a variety of audio profiles for different user groups. These profiles can be specific for different...

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PT560H - 3

Efficient Critical Communication Patented Antenna The patented antenna design is positioned in the middle of the device to help the tactile access of the control knobs. Multi-satellite Location Service Supports GPS, Glonass and Beidou location system. Channel Control Operate this freely without watching the device, easy to move between channels as required. Strong Screen Enhanced materials have been used in the design process to strengthen the screen against knocks and drops. High Receive Sensitivity With a 2dB sensitivity improvement, the PT5 Series can capture weak signals and increase...

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PT560H - 4

Equipped with accessories for different tasks, the PT5 Series accessory family makes it even easier to operate Hytera devices. The PT5 Series arrives with standard ergonomic and power accessories, speak with your authorised Hytera partner to discuss all options. Standard Accessories Power Supply cable (EU standard PS1018) PT5 Series Versatile Accessories You can expect excellent audio performance through our robust and reliable accessory options. Audio accessories are designed to provide clear voice transmissions in even the Waterproof Remote Speaker Microphone (IP67) SM18N5 MCU Multi-unit...

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PT560H - 5

Features Voice Service Emergency Call Emergeny Group Call to Selected Group/Group Call to Pre-defined Group/Individual Call/Phone Call (PABX/PSTN) HOT MIC Emergency Cycle Configurable Emergency Priority Location Information Sending (TMO) Silent Emergency Call (TMO) Talking Party Identification Individual Call Restriction via Phonebook Group Change Voice Broadcast CAD (Call Authorised by Dispatcher) BT Notification Talkgroup Favourite Folder Audio Profile Individual Call Group Call Broadcast Call (TMO) Open Group Call DTMF Gateway Call (DMO) Repeater Call (DMO) Phone Call PABX PSTN...

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PT560H - 6

RF Power Level Accuracy Receiver Class ETSI EN 392-2 / 396-2 Class A & Class B 368g (with 2000mAh battery and antenna) Weight 400g (with 2500mAh battery and antenna) 380-430MHz / 405-475MHz General Specifications Frequency Bands Phone Book Status Messages Cold Start (Time to First Fix) Hot Start (Time to First Fix) Storage Temperature Water and Dust Protection Drop, Shock & Vibration 200 x 200 (200 groups in each list) 2W (Peak 3W) ≤-146dBm Acquisition Sensitivity Operating Temperature User Interface Audio Power Output Operating Voltage 50 x 200 (200 groups in each list) All technical...

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