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Airlander 50 Technical Data Envelope Volume: Overall Dimensions: - length - width - height Payload Module: - length - width - height (max) Endurance: Range: Altitude: Speed: - cruise - loiter Total Weight: Payload capacity: 30 m 5.6 m 4.0 m up to 4 days manned 2,000 n.miles up to 10,000 ft Envelope Helium filled, laminated fabric construction hull. The hull’s aerodynamic shape, an elliptical crosssection allied to a cambered longitudinal shape, provides up to 40% of the vehicle’s lift. Landing System Profiled pneumatic tubes on the underside of the two outer hulls are configured to provide a ‘hovercraft’ like plenum allowing for ground manoeuvring over all types of ground and water. The system provides a unique capability to reverse its flow and ‘suck itself down’ to the ground aiding stability during freight handling. The system can fully retract in flight for reduced drag / improved fuel efficiency. Power Plant 4 x 2,350 hp, turbo-shaft gas turbine engines. Two engines mounted forward on the hull and two on the stern of the hull for cruise operation. All four are configured in ducts with blown vanes to allow vectored thrust for take-off/landing/ground handling operation. Payload Module Located on centreline; comprises 3 primary areas as follows: Flight Deck:  Twin pilot stations.  Large transparencies for excellent all-round visibility. Main cabin (forward):  Accommodation space for up to  50 passengers Main cabin (aft):  Freight bay capable of carrying up to 6 ISO containers at a time.

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