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HYBkicAir Vehicles AIRLANDER,Airlander 10 Technical Data Cabin and Payload Capability Airlander has the flexibility to be configured for research/surveillance, cargo transportation and passengers. Located on the centreline there are 4 key areas that can be adjusted for role-specific optimisation. Flight Deck: • 1 pilot station and one observer seat. (Two pilot station in production version.) • Large windows for excellent all-round visibility. Long-endurance variant: • Payload area measuring 7.2m x 3.2m x 1.7m. • Centerline payload beam for externally slung loads. • Additional payload space in aft with fuel tanks, which can be adjusted in size to optimise for role. Cargo and passenger variant: • Extended cabin measuring 20m x 3.2m x 2m • Huge floor to ceiling windows throughout, with optional viewing deck • Range of layouts available based on customer preference Envelope Volume: Overall Dimensions: - length - width - height Endurance: Altitude: Speed: - cruise - loiter Total Mass: Payload capacity: Envelope Helium filled, laminated fabric construction hull. The hull's aerodynamic shape, an elliptical crosssection allied to a cambered longitudinal shape, provides up to 40% of the vehicle's lift. The internal diaphragms required to support this shape allow for a limited amount of compartmentalisation further enhancing the fail-safe nature of the vehicle. Multiple ballonets located fore and aft in each of the hulls provide pressure control. Landing System Profiled pneumatic tubes / skids on the underside of the two outer hulls provide for multi-surface ground operation including amphibious capability. On the production version skids are 'sucked-in' for a clean-in-flight profile. Power Plant 4 x 325 hp, 4 litre V8 direct injection, turbocharged diesel engines. Two engines mounted forward on the hull and two on the stern of the hull for cruise operation. All four are configured with ducts with blown vanes to allow vectored thrust for take-off/landing/ground handling operation.

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