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COMPLIANCES • ICAO and FAA compliant • Omni and bi-directional options • Third party tested • Proven technology platform • Available in three solar engine sizes. PRODUCT APPLICATION Medium-intensity runway edge & threshold (MIRL) High-intensity runway edge & threshold (HIRL) Taxiway Lighting NVG operations Emergency airfields Helipads Solar LED Airfield LightA704 SOLAR LIGHTS - 7.3 FEATURES • Advanced Design: - Improved optical efficiency with latest LEDs - Up to 25% more power with high-efficiency solar panels - Reduced standby power consumption - Multiple solar engine sizes for best value-for-performance • Easy Installation: Limited crew, no trenching, no airfield interruptions. Just place the A704 and it emits light dusk-to-dawn while maintaining its battery. Optional wireless control provides on-demand operation from up to 4 km (2.5 m) away. • Low Maintenance: The A704 integrates solar panels, battery, electronics, and LED light source into a compact, stand-alone unit requiring minimal maintenance. The replaceable battery extends service life well beyond 5 years. • Reliable: The Energy Management System (EMS) monitors all operations to provide consistent output in the harshest environments. Testing to ICAO, FAA and MIL specifications ensures high performance for many years. • Trusted: With thousands of installations worldwide, solar LED lights operate year-round at permanent airfields and temporary military installations.

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Solar LED Airfield Light - 2

SOLAR LIGHTS - 7.3 Solar LED Airfield Light A704

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Solar LED Airfield Light - 4

Refer to table below for additional details SOLAR LIGHTS - 7.3 LED Solar Airfield Light A704 3 ICAO Type A (Annex 14, Vol. 1,6-3) ICAO Type B (Annex 14, Vol. 1, 6-3) FAA L-810 (AC 150/5345-43, EB67) 4 FAA L-810 vertical divergence; 850 - 890 nm peak A704 Standard/Large & Compact Models Specifications subject to local environmental conditions

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Solar LED Airfield Light - 5

SOLAR LIGHTS - 7.3 LED Solar Airfield Light A704 MISCELLANEOUS PARTS ACCESSORIES The A704 Series Airfield Lights come with a range of accessories including durable mounting hardware, frangible couplings and a selection of replacement parts. MOUNTING HARDWARE 6830 NW 16th Terrace • Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309 USA Phone: 1.954.975.2100 • Fax: 1.954.979.3313 E-mail: • LED Solar Airfield Light A704 032116 Actual product specifications may have changed since the printing of this brochure. Brochure specifications are not binding. Confirm current...

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