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L-880 & L-881 PAPI SystemPrecision Approach Path Indicator APPROACH LIGHTS & NAVIGATIONAL AIDS - 3.0 PAPI Order Number: L-880 = 4 LHAs (4-box) L-881 = 2 LHAs (2-box) Style: B = Current-driven system (Style B) Lamp: 3 = 3 lamp Meets “Buy American” requirements. PRODUCT APPLICATION The PAPI system is used to provide visual approach path guidance to pilots of landing aircraft. The PAPI system consists of either four (L-880) or two (L-881) identical Lamp Housing Assemblies (LHAs) placed on the left of the runway aimed outward into the approach zone on a line parallel to the runway. The front face of each LHA is perpendicular to the runway centerline. The boxes are positioned and aimed to produce the signal guidance to the landing aircraft. FEATURES • Low Power Consumption - The PAPI is a low power consumption energy efficient system. Each Lamp Housing Assembly draws a nominal 300W. • Tool-Less Maintenance - Most routine service components can be maintained without the use of hand tools. • Designed to operate on all steps of a 3-step or 5-step CCR and on a 6.6A CCR using the same size isolation transformer. • Includes digital tilt switch. WEIGHT & DIMENSIONS • Weight: 20 kg • Dimensions: 635mm (H) x 1,016mm (L) x 635mm (D) APPROACH LIGHTS & NAVIGATIONAL AIDS - 3.0

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TRANSFORMER REQUIREMENTS Style B -Constant Current RENEWAL PARTS Part Number Part Number Alignment Tool Kit (includes inclinometer & alignment tool) Halogen Bulb, MR-16 Frangible Coupling PWA PWA Tilt Sensor L-867 Base Can, 24" L-823 Connector Kit (.32-.43) Heat Shrink Tubing Kit L-867B Base Plate L-867B Cover Plate, 3/8" Gasket Frangible Coupling, 2" Floor Flange 6830 NW 16th Terrace • Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309 USA Phone: 1.954.975.2100 • E-mail: DMEairfieldSALES@astronics.com • www.astronics.com/airfieldlighting Actual product specifications may have changed since the printing of this...

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