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L-861T LEDMedium Intensity Taxiway Light ELEVATED LIGHTS - 1.3A ORDERING INFORMATION L-861T LED Order Number: 861T - L - B COMPLIANCES L-861T(L) FAA AC 150/5345-46 (current edition) FAA Engineering Brief 67D ETL Certified Meets “Buy American” requirements. ICAO: Annex 14, Vol. 1, para. 5.3.17 PRODUCT APPLICATION The Navigate Series® L-861T LED elevated taxiway light is an omnidirectional blue light that is used to delineate the edges of airport taxiways, holding bays, and aprons. FEATURES • Die cast aluminum body. • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) less than 1.1%. • Less than 8.5VA at the highest step. • Fixture MTBF is greater than 50,000 hours. • Complies with intensity requirements for 3-step and 5-step series circuits. • Standard fixture (without Arctic Kit) requires only a 10/15W isolation transformer. EXTERNAL POWER REQUIREMENTS Input Constant Current Regulator (CCR) Power 3 Step 4.8A, 5.5A , and 6.6A or 5 Step 2.8A, 3.4A, 4.1, 5.2A and 6.6A Fixture Type: L-861T LED Blue |- Fixture Height: 14 = 14 inches overall height (standard) 24 = 24 inches overall height 30 = 30 inches overall height 0 = Without Arctic Kit 1 = With Arctic Kit Intertek ACCESSORIES Description L-867 Base Can Stake Mount 1.5” hub L-823 Complete Kit (8 AWG, .3207.430”) Heat Shrink Tubing Kit Base Plate 2” to 1.5” Baseplate Reducer Gasket L-861 Leveling Tool FUNCTIONAL CHARACTERISTICS Condition Optics Weight Height Range 1 surface-mounted, high-powered blue LED w/optically matched blue glass dome 4 lbs with 14” EMT and frangible coupling 14-, 24-, and 30-inch options (overall height) Total Harmonic Distortion < 1.1% ELEVATED LIGHTS - 1.3A Astronics

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ELEVATED LIGHTS - 1.3A L-861T LED Medium Intensity Taxiway Light RENEWAL PARTS Description Blue Globe EXPLODED VIEW Light Engine Assembly No arctic kit A3-06-3119-001 With arctic kit Band Clamp O-Ring, 3 % ID, 0.013 Thick Fast Receptor Connector, 14-16 AWG, .187 x.032 Fixture Base Strain Relief Bushing EMT For 14-inch overall height For 24-inch overall height For 30-inch overall height 1.5-inch Frangible Coupling L-823 Cable Assembly For 14-inch overall height For 24-inch overall height For 30-inch overall height Arctic Kit TRANSFORMER REQUIREMENTS Type No Arctic Kit 6830 NW 16th Terrace •...

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