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I LED REIL System Style ACERunway End Identifier Light APPROACH LIGHTS & NAVIGATIONAL AIDS - 3.1B ORDERING INFORMATION L-849I LED Order Number: *L-849I-L-1-X COMPLIANCES L-849I(L) - Powered by a Constant Current Regulator Style A - Unidirectional, high intensity, one brightness step Style C - Unidirectional, low intensity, one brightness step Style E - Unidirectional, three brightness steps FAA AC 150/5345-51 (current edition) FAA Engineering Brief 67D ETL Certified PATENT PENDING Meets “Buy American” requirements. ICAO: Annex 14, Vol. 1, para 5.3.8 PRODUCT APPLICATION The Navigate Series® L-849I REIL system is used to identify the threshold (approach end) of a visual or instrument nonprecision runway and provides guidance to pilots during approach for landing. The REIL consists of two unidirectional simultaneous flashing LED lights. A light is located at each side of the runway threshold. The lights are angled to have an effective visual range in clear weather of approximately 3 miles during the day and approximately 20 miles at night. This provides pilots with adequate time to plan and execute a safe approach and landing at night or in reduced visibility conditions. Description: Current-driven LED REIL System for Style A/C/E With 15.5” EMT Baffle: 0 = No baffle _ Note: Each system consists of two Identifier Unit Assemblies (lUAs) with EMT and frangible coupling. *Part #: L-849I-L-1 applies to L-849I-L-A-1, L-849I-L-C-1, & L-849I-E-1 Intertek PHOTOMETRIC DATA Type EXTERNAL POWER REQUIREMENTS Input ACCESSORIES FEATURES • Long LED life, eliminating expensive xenon lamp replacements. • Lower power draw verses xenon lamps. • Three brightness intensity levels for Style E with automatic current sensing. • Light weight and state-of- the-art technology provide for ease of installation. • IUA cabinets NEMA 4X equivalent. • Beam coverage - 10° vertical by 30° horizontal. • Flash rate: two flashes per second. | APPROACH LIGHTS & NAVIGATIONAL AIDS - 3.1B

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L-849I LED REILs - 2

APPROACH LIGHTS & NAVIGATIONAL AIDS - 3.1B L-849I LED REIL System Style ACE Runway End Identifier Light ISOLATION TRANSFORMER REQUIREMENTS RENEWAL PARTS Description IUA Assembly with frangible & EMT IUA Assembly Frame Assembly EMT, 2”, 15.5” Long Frangible Coupling, 2” ENVIRONMENTAL CHARACTERISTICS L-823 5-Pin Power Cable Assembly (in-ground cable) Lens Replacement Kit PWA Driver Replacement Kit Toggle Switch Replacement Kit Interlock Switch Replacement Kit Light Engine Replacement Kit L-823 5-Pin Cable Assembly Replacement Kit (above-ground cable) Draw Latch Replacement Kit Hinge...

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