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Airport Rotating Beacon APPROACH LIGHTS & NAVIGATIONAL AIDS - 3.6 COMPLIANCES FAA AC 150/5345-12 (current edition) ICAO: Annex 14, para 5.3.3 ORDERING INFORMATION Part Number 120VAC, 60Hz, Class I 220-240VAC, 50Hz, Class I 220-240VAC, 60Hz, Class I 120VAC, 60Hz, Class II 220-240VAC, 50Hz, Class II 220-240VAC, 60Hz, Class II NOTE: 220-240VAC must be single wire with neutral PRODUCT APPLICATION L-801 Rotating Beacons are designed primarily for night operation as identification and location markers for airports. Part Number • Patented belt-drive system eliminates the lubrication required by conventional gear-drive beacons (U.S. Pat. 5,339,224). • Patented liquid-filled lamp connector, eliminating the slip rings and brushes found on conventional beacons (U.S. Pat. 5,816,678). • Two 13,000 lumen, 150W pulse-start metal-halide lamps. • 10,000 hour typical lamp life (2-3 years). • One clear lens, one aviation green lens. • No maintenance except lamp replacement. • All moving parts are permanently lubricated. • Impedance-protected motor eliminates burnouts. • Lamps preset 5° above horizontal, adjustable. • 12RPM rotation, 24 flashes/minute. • Weatherproof steel cabinet, powder coated international orange. • Class I temperature range: -30 to +55 °C (-22 to +131 °F). • Class II temperature range: -55 to +55 °C (-67 to +131 °F). • Tested to wind velocities of 100 MPH. • Optional photocell and/or tell-tale relay. • Mountable on a Tipdown Pole. • Power Consumption: 395W Class I, 795W Class II. Tower Mounting

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RENEWAL PARTS Lens, Clear Lens, Green Lens, Amber Lens, Clip Part Number SHIPPING INFORMATION Description Weight Volume APPROACH LIGHTS & NAVIGATIONAL AIDS - 3.6 L-801 Airport Rotating Beacon EXPLODED VIEW MOUNTING BOLT PATTERN E-mail: DMEairfieldSALES@astronics.com • www.astronics.com DME Actual product specifications may have changed since the printing of this brochure. Brochure specifications are not binding. Confirm current specifications at time of order.

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