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Escape Slide Lighting System BAS Power Units THS LAMP HARNESS LIGHTING ASSEMBLIES P/N P2-01-0035 Series • THS Lamp Harness Assemblies are composed of two or more lamps permanently soldered to a two conductor flat-wire material or two conductor round wire. • THS Lamp Harness Assemblies are available to meet the various configurations of escape slide devices. PRODUCT APPLICATION • The Escape Slide Lighting System is an emergency lighting system that provides illumination and directional guidance for evacuees along the escape slide surface and for the landing area where ground contact is made. • The system consists of an integral BAS power unit and one or more THS lamp harnesses affixed to the escape slide. Support equipment includes a test unit (TU-14) for diagnostic analysis of ESL system before and after installation and during escape slide packing. • The BAS Power Unit provides power to the lighting assemblies after the activation switch pin has been automatically pulled during slide/raft deployment. • The ESL system meets TSO-C69 requirements. • The BAS Power Unit is composed of multiple primary cells wired in a series or series/parallel. The cell stack, internal wiring, test circuitry, and activation switch are enclosed in a sealed housing. ESL FEATURES • Automatic Activation • Independently Powered • Multiple Configurations • Test without Deployment • Incandescent Systems CERTIFICATION TSO-C69, ESL System FAA-PMA, BAS Power Units • The TU-14 is a specialized test unit for the ESL System that provides operational testing of the BAS Power Unit and THS Lamp Harness Assemblies. • The TU-14 Test Unit is contained in a metal case to withstand normal handling in the shop and field environments. Testing is accomplished without device deployment and the test unit provides internal powe

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BAS POWER UNITS • BAS batteries supply power for Escape Slide Lighting Systems to illuminate escape slide surfaces and landing areas. • Astronics DME offers many BAS batteries in two (2) configurations: the Spring Clip design and Switch Pin design. BAS FEATURES • Extensive Aircraft Applicability • Interchangeability • Multiple Configurations Model Part Number Spring Clip Part Number Switch Pin Cross Reference Goodrich 780104-1 ACC C15094 Series Basewest 7-1035-201 Goodrich 4A3396 Series Basewest 7-1060-201 6830 NW 16th Terrace • Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309 USA Phone: 1.954.975.2100 • Fax:...

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