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Air Lite® 1E LED Emergency Flashlight SYSTEM SIZE AND WEIGHT System Size 8.05 in L x 2.02 in W x 2.45 in H (204.5 mm L x 51.3 mm W x 62.2 mm H) System Weight .57 lbs (.26 kg) nominal ® POWER SOURCE • Power Source: Multi-cell alkaline battery pack • The new Air Lite® 1E is a small, lightweight LED flashlight that is intended for use when a portable emergency light source is needed. • Battery Service Life: 5 years nominal • Battery Shelf Life: 5 years nominal at 25 ºC ± 2 ºC (77 ºF) • Activation is automatic when the flashlight is removed from the retention bracket and deactivated when re-installed. PART NUMBERS Description Lite® • The Air Lite® 1E utilizes a 16G retention bracket suitable for mounting on walls, bulkheads, and partitions in aircraft. Part Number* • Constructed with ABS flame retardant material, the Air Lite® 1E components conform to FAR 25 and 121 requirements. Air 1E LED System (w/ orientation placard and tamper shield) Air Lite® 1E LED System (w/o orientation placard and tamper shield) Battery Pack • Easy retrofit with bracket mounting holes that align with legacy EF-1 product Bracket Assembly (for -002 system) • Flashlight is water resistant and floats beam-up Bracket Assembly (for -003 system) • Color options: gray or beige Tamper Shields • Wrist lanyard for hands-free retention • Small overall system size is approximately 8” • System weight of 9.17 oz including the flashlight, bracket and battery *Part numbers listed are for gray option only. Beige part numbers available upon request. SPECIFICATIONS • Light Operating Time: 4 hours nominal with fresh battery pack • Light Output: 2,160 candela

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BATTERY MONITORING SYSTEM By initiating the Push-to-Test monitoring system a normal battery level will produce (1) green flash on the LED. If the LED produces (1) red flash, battery replacement is indicated. The LED monitor will emit a red flash every (10) seconds when the battery level has reached its end of life. Push-to-Test Button 6830 NW 16th Terrace • Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309 USA Phone: 1.954.975.2100 • Fax: 1.954.979.3313 E-mail: • Actual product specifications may have changed since the printing of this brochure. Brochure specifications...

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