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PRIMUS ® 440, 660 & 880 WEATHER RADARS


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PRIMUS ®  440, 660 & 880  WEATHER RADARS - 1

PRIMUS® 440, 660 & 880 WEATHER RADARS Reliable Weather Avoidance Radar

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PRIMUS ®  440, 660 & 880  WEATHER RADARS - 2

Commercial Aviation’s Most Powerful Integrated RTA Weather Radar with Turbulence Detection. Operators want quality radar performance, improved reliability and advanced features - they also want a light integrated receiver/transmitter/antenna (RTA)architecture that’s easy to install. Honeywell’s Primus® 440/660/880 family of radars meet these requirements and are by far the most powerful, feature-packed weather radars on the market. Honeywell, the world’s leader in avionics continues to set the standard in weather radar systems with the Primus® 440, 660 and 880 family of radars. The Primus...

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PRIMUS ®  440, 660 & 880  WEATHER RADARS - 3

Dual Mode Honeywell’s exclusive Rain Echo Attenuation Dual Mode With two controllers, Primus 660 Compensation Technique (REACT) safety and 880 can be operated like two separate feature alerts pilots to areas where storms may radars. The pilot’s controller settings are used be hidden behind other storms. REACT performs for one sweep, then the co-pilot’s are used for three distinct functions. First, it maintains target calibration by compensating for attenuation caused by intervening rainfall. Second, REACT advises pilots of areas where target calibration cannot be maintained by changing the...

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PRIMUS ®  440, 660 & 880  WEATHER RADARS - 4

Feature Comparison: FEATURE TRANSMITTER POWER PULSE WIDTH RECEIVER SENSITIVITY ADVANCED BITE TURBULENCE DETECTION ALTITUDE COMPENSATED TILT (ACT) STABILIZED ANTENNA TARGET ALERT REDUCED SECTOR SCAN MAX DISPLAY RNG (WXPD MODE ONLY) MAX DISPLAY RNG (ARINC 453 MODE ONLY) DUAL CONTROL AVAILABLE ANTENNA SIZE MAXIMUM SCAN ANGLE Supporting the System Honeywell’s avionics are based on proven technology to provide you with exceptionally high reliability and simplified maintenance. Our award-winning product support services include regularly scheduled training classes offered worldwide for both...

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