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AIS-2000 - 1

AIS-2000 MULTI-REGION SATELLITE TELEVISION Live satellite TV in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Russia, and India

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AIS-2000 - 2

Remain connected and informed, even at 51,000ft In today’s rapid business environment, you can’t afford to be out of touch when breaking news hits. Honeywell’s AIS-2000 satellite television keeps passengers connected, productive and entertained with live satellite television coverage in the contiguous United States, Europe, India, Russia, and the Middle East. As part of your cabin productivity and entertainment system, AIS-2000 multi-region satellite television features include: • Complete integration with cabin system controls • The smallest and lightest antenna available today • Up to six...

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AIS-2000 - 3

AIS-2000 Multi-Region Satellite Television System Ku-band Control/Power Channel Selection MR-500 Control/Power Audio/Video L-band Down Converter Unit (DCU) REQUIRED SYSTEM COMPONENTS MR-500 Multi-Region Receiver/Decoder Unit Cabinet/Chassis Antenna Control Module Multi-Switch Control Module Power Supply Module Multi-Region Antenna Multi-Region Antenna (with Ku Filtering) Down Converter Unit REGIONAL RECEIVER/DECODER MODULES* (RDM) RDM Multi-Region DVB Free-to-air Module SPECIFICATIONS Chassis Dimensions: Antenna Dimensions: Converter Dimensions: Total System Weight: * Up to three...

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AIS-2000 - 4

* The areas shown estimate the coverage edge, actual coverage may vary depending on channel selected, satellite power fluctuations, and radome loss, etc. Satellite Television Service To complement our multi-region satellite television system in your cabin, Honeywell also provides service packages that include maintenance of regional module configurations, subscription service options and 24/7 support. Our satellite television service utilizes Digital Broadcast Satellite (DBS) services to provide your aircraft with a variety of programming. Throughout the contiguous United States we...

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