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HONEYWELL UV TREATMENT SYSTEM FOR The next evolution in our UVC technology to enhance passenger and crew confidence while improving the overall travel experience

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CONSISTENCY WHERE IT COUNTS HONEYWELL UV TREATMENT SYSTEM DIMENSIONS Stowed configuration Minimum aisle width Max width (wings extended) The Honeywell UV Treatment System is a portable ultraviolet-c light (UVC) cart specifically designed for public transport systems like aircraft, railways, buses and ferries. Max height (center assembly up) 76” Hand wand cable length: 8 ft. POWER SOURCE 48V Li-MNC Use time before recharge Recharge time The Honeywell UV system has been found in a clinical study to achieve > 99.9% reduction of tested pathogens. In on-aircraft testing, the system achieved >...

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These product concepts are currently under development. No testing has been done specifically as to protection against COVID-19. As with all of our products and services, Honeywell will adhere to its commitment to integrity and compliance within its global supply chain; meet relevant legal, scientific and industry standards; substantiate claims; and obtain necessary regulatory approvals as products progress through the development process. For more information Please visit: Honeywell Aerospace 1944 E Sky Harbor Cir N Phoenix, AZ 85013

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