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A World of Composite Technologies


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A World of Composite Technologies - 1

A world of composite technologies

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A World of Composite Technologies - 2

A world of composite technologies Contents: Hexcel has been at the forefront of composites technology for 60 years, working as a proactive partner with our customers to create innovative high performance solutions. We draw strength from our heritage – and HexTow® carbon fibers HexForce® fabrics, multiaxials and NC2® continue the pioneering spirit by developing new and improved products to support and anticipate customer requirements. When a customer selects a Hexcel product – from fiber to fabric or adhesive, prepreg, tooling material or composite part – the technologies allow them to...

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A World of Composite Technologies - 3

carbon fiber is stronger than steel, lighter than aluminum and as stiff as titanium Carbon fiber is the essential ingredient in the highest performing composite materials. High strength created by the production process means that HexTow® carbon fiber, when combined with a resin matrix, offers a superior lightweight alternative to metal for a broad range of applications. A number of sectors already benefit, including space, defense, commercial aircraft, wind energy, recreation, motorsport and industrial. With over 30 years of carbon fiber manufacturing experience, Hexcel produces two forms...

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A World of Composite Technologies - 4

Hexcel is a leading manufacturer of woven and multiaxial reinforcements lor composites, in glass, carbon, aramid and quart/ fibers. Woven Fabrics are the result of at least two threads which are interlaced at 0° (the warp) and 90° (the weft), with the weave style varied according to the required performance. Fabrics are available in a wide range of weights from 20 to 1,000g/m2 (0.58 to 29.50o//yd2). There are three main weave styles: plain weave, twill weave and satin weave and the style selected depends on several criteria including the required mechanical properties, the visual effect,...

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A World of Composite Technologies - 5

the ultimate bonding solution Could your products benefit from a range of adhesives that provide a permanent join which strengthens the structure of materials without adding unnecessary weight? That’s what Redux® adhesives can achieve for you with tried and tested technology offering the most effective way to join metals, composites and honeycombs. Bonding is a perfect solution for applications that demand strength and durability and are weight critical, such as aircraft, racing cars, building panels, wind turbines and sports equipment. Redux® adhesives have been a proven success in the...

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A World of Composite Technologies - 6

strength to weight performance with exceptional toughness Hexcel’s range of HexPly® prepregs is second to none, providing a tougher, lighter and stiffer alternative to conventional materials for loadbearing structures. Over 30 years of development work means that customers receive the optimum high performance solutions. Prepregs are specially formulated resin matrix systems that are reinforced with man-made fibers such as carbon, glass and aramid. Hexcel has its own in-house supply of carbon fiber and world class weaving facilities for the development of optimum reinforcement technologies...

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A World of Composite Technologies - 7

new fiber-reinforced materials - extending the applications for Would you like a faster and more cost-effective way of manufacturing high performance composite components? As an industry innovator, Hexcel has optimized its knowledge of resins and reinforcements to develop new solutions that enable a wider range of parts, in many sectors, to be manufactured from composites. Hexcel developments have focused particularly on resins and reinforcements for cost-effective processing in the aerospace industry. The result is a range of textile options, including standard and advanced reinforcements...

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A World of Composite Technologies - 8

Laminates: Could your application benefit from the lightness and strength of fiber-reinforced epoxies, but without the time consuming layup and cure processes? Polyspeed® is Hexcel’s range of laminates, used predominantly in the manufacture of skis and snowboards, but equally useful for many industrial applications, wherever light, strong and durable materials are required to resist high stresses and strains. The laminates are also suitable as skins for sandwich panels. Polyspeed® laminates are epoxy or phenolic resin impregnated reinforced materials, in which the matrix is already cured....

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A World of Composite Technologies - 9

HexMC® molding materials for industrial applications high performance material for high volume production of complex shapes HexMC® is a high performance sheet molding material, suitable for the high volume production of complex shapes and specifically designed for compression molding. With long fibers and low resin content, HexMC® provides better mechanical properties than any other short or long fiber molding compound. The HexMC® epoxy system provides short cure cycles, from five minutes at 135°C/275°F, depending on part thickness. Complex shapes can be achieved and inserts can...

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A World of Composite Technologies - 10

Any structure requiring exceptional stiffness combined with minimal weight gain can benefit from HexWeb® honeycomb. It is a lightweight core material that offers versatility in density, cell size, temperature and other properties and is also suitable for high volume manufacture. Hexcel was the first company in the USA to manufacture expanded aerospace grade honeycomb on a commercial scale. Today, over 700 varieties are produced in a wide range of materials and cell configurations with new versions being developed to meet customer demand. Latest developments include: HexWeb® Acousti-Cap™...

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A World of Composite Technologies - 11

noise-reducing honeycomb for aircraft engines Innovation Award Winner Current technology for acoustical treatment of aircraft engines requires tradeoffs between weight and noise reduction. Hexcel has developed a new patent-pending product that offers superior acoustical performance without a structural weight penalty. HexWeb® Acousti-Cap™ consists of a non-metallic permeable cap material embedded into honeycomb core to create an acoustic septum, with the caps bonded to the core cell wall with adhesive. Hexcel’s customers specify the flow resistance characteristics they want in the product,...

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