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Hexcel Composite Materials Automotive Product Focus HexPly® Prepregs HiMax™ Multiaxial Reinforcements Redux® Adhesive

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Hexcel materials, including carbon fibres, reinforcement fabrics, multiaxials, prepregs and adhesives are optimised for structural parts, suspension parts, car bodies and interiors. HexPly® Prepregs HexPly® snap curing prepreg stacks for automated processing. Developed to satisfy performance requirements for compression moulded components, HexPly® M77 is a robust snap curing prepreg matrix with very high toughness. This new formulation combines the benefits of rapid curing (2min cycle time at 150°C) with a long shelf life at room temperature and low surface tack. Low tack characteristics...

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HiMax™ Multiaxial Reinforcements HiMax™ multiaxials for complex 3D geometries. Hexcel’s HiMax™ range of high drape multiaxial reinforcements provide tailored solutions for RTM and infusion processing where prepregs may not be suitable. Available in a wide range of fabric styles, ply weights, fibre orientations and fibre types, these highly drapeable reinforcements are suitable for complex geometry structural parts like monocoques, as well as parts with a superior, high-quality surface finish. • Biaxial, triaxial and quadaxial fabrics with ply angles from 22.5 - 90 degrees • High performance...

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HexPly® Prepregs Suspension systems Hexcel has launched a new prepreg system specifically designed for manufacture of composite leaf springs. In contrast to steel leaf springs currently used for suspension on vans, trucks and SUVs, newer glass or carbon fiber composite versions offer clear advantages. Weight savings of up to 70%, high corrosion resistance and improved riding comfort are all advantages of composite leaf spring solutions. Hexcel’s new prepreg, HexPly® M901, offers a 50% cure time reduction, 15% higher mechanical performance and exceptional high temperature performance...

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