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Leitz PMM-C Line Efficent ultra-high accuracy coordinate measuring machines

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Decisively more accurate Manufacturing companies are under increased pressure to produce products at a higher level of quality whilst reducing costs. This means the manufacturing process must become more efficient, minimising the number of scrap parts and reworks. Leitz PMM-C coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) provide actionable information for development, construction, production and quality assurance. Mechanical Engineering Drivetrain components, shafts, precision gears, housings Drive train components, blades and blisks, support structures, housings Gearboxes, axles and shafts,...

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Intelligent design brings great advantages Every detail of the Leitz PMM-C series is focused around achieving certainty with accurate information users can trust. The characteristic feature of the series is the closed-frame design, which is comprised of a solid granite base, a fixed portal with cast iron pedestals and a granite crossbeam. With excellent scanning performance due to the variable high-speed scanning (VHSS), measurements can be carried out following the principle ‘as fast as possible, as slow as necessary’. The scanning speed can be adapted to known geometries in real time,...

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Highest Positioning Accuracy Servo-drives with recirculating ball screws accelerate rapidly while retaining positional accuracy, reaching top speeds even over short movement paths. Closed-Frame Design The granite base with fixed portal of cast iron with a granite crossbeam ensures long-term stability. The high stiffness of the measurement axes is designed to ensure consistent accuracy over the entire measurement volume. Temperature Compensation Due to integrated temperature sensors, an automatic compensation for temperatureconditional residual errors of the scale bars is carried out. Future...

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An accurate fivesome Five ultra-high accuracy models make up the Leitz PMM-C series, catering for a wide range of requirements from cost efficiency to sub-micron accuracy. There is a Leitz PMM-C CMM for almost every application. Leitz PMM-C The original model of the series is the accurate and highly-dynamic Leitz PMM-C. This CMM can be equipped with variable high-speed scanning sensors and optical sensors, and is available in a wide variety of measurement ranges. Accuracy [μm]: 0.5 + L / 700 Probing frequency: 40pts/min

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Leitz PMM-Xi The Leitz PMM-Xi is the cost-efficient model of the series. Accurate and dynamic, it is available in many measurement ranges and therefore especially suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. Accuracy [μm]: 0.6 + L / 550 Probing frequency: 25pts/min Leitz Ultra High accuracy and efficient variable high-speed scanning sensors distinguish the Leitz Ultra. Equipped with active pneumatic damping, influences from vibrations are eliminated. Accuracy [μm]: 0.4 + L / 850 Probing frequency: 20pts/min Leitz Infinity Leading the way for ultra-high accuracy 3D metrology is the Leitz...

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Leitz PMM-C - 8

Applications The Leitz PMM-C Line in use Efficient engine block measurement Contactless measurement of large lenses Engine block measurement requires a highprecision measuring system, which is why a Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Leitz PMM-Xi with the HP-S-X5 HD fixed sensor system is commonly used for this task. If the measurement processes are to be accelerated, a rotating-indexing joint can be used to save valuable measuring time. The SENMATION sensor interface offers the option of viewing the measuring task from a variety of different perspectives. Lenses are precision components,...

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Leitz PMM-C - 9

Sub-micrometre accuracy for master and gauge calibration Precision measurement for powertrain components Gauges and master parts must be calibrated on a regular basis in order to be used efficiently. The continuing return to national standards is a guarantee for reliable, standard compliant and reproducible measurement results within every manufacturing company. The high-accuracy Leitz Infinity and Leitz Ultra CMMs provide the ideal bases for these highly-complex measuring tasks. Components of the powertrain – the drive section – are subject to very stringent production requirements. The...

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Leitz PMM-C - 10

Tactile and optical measurements Tactile sensors from Hexagon have always been known for their dynamics and accuracy, supporting single-point probing, self-centring 3D scanning and variable high-speed scanning. The deflection is captured in high resolution. During the measurement process, the axes of the probe head are not clamped, so that the actual direction of the surface normal can be determined and used as the basis for the measurement. Hexagon probe heads have no maintenance-intensive parts or active force generators. Manufacturing Intelligence

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Leitz PMM-C - 11

The LSP-S2 measuring head systems stand for maximum measurement performance. They combine maximum accuracy with outstanding high-speed scanning properties, even when using sensor extensions up to 800 mm. The measurement of complex geometries with the tightest tolerances becomes a standard measurement task with this fixed sensor system. The LSP-S2 also supports the use of HP-O optical sensors. The PROFILER R enables roughness measurements to be made with the CMM. The sensor is adapted to the HP-S-X5 HD and automatically integrated into the measurement process using a sensor changer....

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Leitz PMM-C - 13

SENMATION Intelligent sensor automation To allow even the most complex measurement tasks involving different sensors to be carried out on a coordinate measurement machine, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence developed the SENMATION intelligent sensor automation system. Using a universal interface, a wide variety of different sensors are changed fully automatically, guaranteeing a high degree of flexibility. The Future Ready concept The Future-Ready Concept optimises the CMM for the SENMATION intelligent sensor automation system upgrade. The universal pre-cabling enables a simple integration...

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Comprehensive Software Developed to provide the best support PC-DMIS PC-DMIS has powerful capabilities to enable users to measure everything from simple prismatic parts to the most complex aerospace and automotive components. PC-DMIS is available in three basic configurations; Pro, CAD and CAD++, with optional modules available to fine-tune the software for specific applications. QUINDOS QUINDOS is the specialist, expandable software that sets the standard for special geometry metrology. Developed to work in partnership with Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence ultra-high accuracy measuring...

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