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See the Threats Multipurpose Antenna A Collision Avoidance for fixed and rotary wing aircraft is not an easy task. Multiple mid-air collisions occur yearly with nearly half being fatal and almost all during daylight hours in good visibility. ■ Solution for several aircraft types The Multipurpose Antenna is an active and cooperative traffic awareness and collision avoidance technology for aircrafts in one compact system. The system combines a PowerFLARM® transponder, ADS-B In, and a GPS receiver using a single antenna. The Multipurpose Antenna broadcasts own Aircraft position and speed while using received data from FLARM-equipped aircraft to calculate potential collisions. PowerFLARM uses a high power sensitive radio receiver which increases the detection range to more than 10 km. The ADS-B receiver actively processes received Mode-C, Mode-S and ADS-B messages on 1090 MHz and calculates potential collisions. The increased detection range of the ADS-B receiver provides the pilot with ample time to take corrective actions to mitigate potential collisions. ■ Transmit, receive and processing combined in one compact system ■ FLARM® transponder for collision warning ■ 1090MHz ADS-B receiver for visualization of traffic information (altitude, heading, speed) ■ PowerFLARM® 868 – 928 MHz transponder ■ Increased system performance due to smart antenna concept ■ Intuitive Traffic Warning ■ Cost effective solution The Antenna makes flying in densely populated airspace safer by determining potential collisions with other FLARM transponder equipped aircraft. HENSOLDT Avionics GmbH | Karlsruher Strasse 91 | 75179 Pforzheim | Germany | T: +49 7231 586780 | E: This document is not contractual. Subject to change without notice. © HENSOLDT Avionics GmbH 2021. All rights rese

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