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Airborne Computer and Video Management Solutions

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HENSOLDT Avionics Mission Solution Airborne Systems MISSION SOLUTION Full integration of manned and unmanned airborne platforms and ground assets HENSOLDT Avionics provides an integrated end-to-end solution for airborne platforms and ground assets. This goal is achieved by transparently supporting the mission execution, and allowing both ground and airborne assets to be integrated in a joint architecture. Manned and unmanned systems are teamed up to provide flexibility and ease of use at a maximum of situational awareness. HENSOLDT Avionics Product Range ■ EuroNav 7 mission system for...

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Multipurpose Airborne Computer - 3

EB1 - Multipurpose Airborne Computer Used as a standalone system the EB1 supports Microsoft Windows, Linux and other operating systems. Support of communication purposes, mission software or entertainment programs. As part of the Aircraft´s mission avionic, the EB1 is able to interface with third-party equipment to exchange data between the systems or communicate between operator/user and ground. Interfaces to EuroNav, ERS and third-party equipment Remote update capabilities, e.g. information from databases Customizable front panel NVIS compatible illumination Ruggedized and low weight case...

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MULTIMEDIA ONBOARD SYSTEM INTERFACE WITH HENSOLDT Avionics PRODUCT SUITE Depending on the operating system, the EB1 is able to provide all common applications like Internet Browser, PDF reader, Media player, Communication apps, Entertainment apps, etc… in the aircraft. Interfaced with ERS, EuroNav and EasyTask, the EB1 develops its full effect. Among other things it is ideally suited for the ERS as a remote control and as an external Network Attached Storage (NAS) device for the digital video and audio recording. Operating System Browser Applications ERS remote control and external Network...

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NVIS - Control Panel Customizable panel layout available Mini-SIM Slot LAN Interface Slot for Solid-State-Drive Multipurpose Airborne Computer The EB1 is a ruggedized computer and particularly suitable for extreme conditions in aviation. Interface Port AUX Port Power Por

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Multipurpose Airborne Computer - 6

Video Management System The Video Management System processes a multitude of internal and external video sources. The unit integrates a 4 channel HD video recorder with two audio channels which can be stored onboard the aircraft and enables over 100 hours of recording capability. Video Processing & Distribution The Video Switching Matrix, Video Processing engines and Multiplexers tailor and combine the video inputs and route the imagery to the right video target, such as displays, downlink or external video recorder. Each video source image can be scaled, cropped, rotated and interlaced to...

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Video Configurations The video engine allows to present the selected external video sources in different configurations. Dual-Split

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Video Management System Video Interfaces General Data EB1 - Multipurpose Airborne Computer Model Name: General Data Slot A for 2.5” compatible Solid-State-Drives (SSD), SATA II (Serial ATA II, 3 Gbps) Model Name: 1.25 kg/2.76 lbs (excluding connector covers and installed media) Operating Voltage input: 28 VDC (nominal) ; 22 VDC – 30.3 VDC (according to RTCA/DO-160F, Section 16) The following values are applicable for all EB1 part numbers, if not otherwise stated. 11 W (Nominal; Idle Mode) 0.4 A @ 28 VDC; no power source charged 30 W (Maximum) 1.1 A @ 28 VDC; Maximum...

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Contact HENSOLDT Avionics GmbH Karlsruher Strasse 91 75179 Pforzheim Germany Phone: +49 (0) 7231 58678 0 Fax: +49 (0) 7231 58678 111 E-mail: HENSOLDT Avionics UK (t/a EUROAVIONICS UK Ltd) The Business Park Maydwell Avenue, Slinfold, West Sussex, RH13 0AS United Kingdom Phone: +44 (0) 1403 790018 Fax: +44 (0) 1403 790019 E-mail: HENSOLDT Avionics USA LLC 2480 Fruitville Road Sarasota, FL 34237 USA Phone: +1 (941) 306 1328 E-mail: HENSOLDT Avionics CH (t/a EUROAVIONICS Schweiz AG) Gerbegässlein 1 4450 Sissach Schweiz...

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