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5-axis machining centres HF - 2

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5-axis machining centres HF - 3

The 5-axis machining centres from the HF series are optimally equipped to meet the exacting requirements of modern production processes. Enabling 5-sided and simultaneous 5-axis machining, they allow you to handle many different tasks on a single machine. Highly productive and flexible, with easy operation and maintenance, available with pallet changer or table loading. Key facts _horizontal 5-axis machining centres with pallet changer   or table loading _universal machining centres with 5th axis in the   workpiece _swivelling NC rotary table with counter bearing and   AB kinematics with...

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5-axis machining centres HF - 4

Machine concept Perfect balance of rigidity and dynamics The HF series 5-axis machining centres are the perfect combination of apparent contrasts – stiffness and dynamics. The basis is the rigid machine bed. Highly precise and fast machining cycles guarantee the unique machine structure of the HF: the fifth axis is located inside the workpiece, the directly-driven A/B-axis is supported by a counter bearing. 3 2

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5-axis machining centres HF - 5

Basic structure _rigid cast iron machine bed in combination with weight-   optimised machine columns from steel _horizontal spindle with lean spindle neck for perfect reach   into the workpiece _NC rotary swivel table with counter bearing for optimum   force flow and compact design _gantry drive in Z-axis (option) with two ball screw drives and   two direct measuring systems _chain-type or rack-type tool magazine for fast tool provisioning   and high storage capacity _tool changer with two NC axes for fast automatic tool change   _pallet changer with lifting/swivelling principle and robust...

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5-axis machining centres HF - 6

Equipment packages Features for tailored applications Even the standard equipment of the HF series offers numerous advantages in day-to-day manufacturing. Increased productivity or flexibility are also important to you? Do you use your HF for serial production or do you prefer simultaneous 5-axis machining? Depending on your specific requirements, you can choose from a range of equipment packages: POWER, SPEED or PRO. Our flexibility in terms of equipment is your advantage for creating a manufacturing solution that meets your specific needs. 1) In connection with Enforced Drive in Z

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5-axis machining centres HF - 7

POWER Swivel/rotary table with counter bearing Maximum flexibility in configuration _robust kinematics with 5th axis in the workpiece   _second ball screw drive in the Z-axis (gantry version, option)   _integrated counter bearing in the standard version   _configuration for simultaneous 5-axis machining (option)   _high load capacity and large workpiece interference contour   _combined with Mill-Turn (HF 5500, option)   Directly driven rotary axes A and B _fast positioning thanks to high dynamics   _robust, wear-proof drives   _integrated clamping with automatic clamping mechanism   in the...

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5-axis machining centres HF - 8

Complete machining on a single machine The optional mill-turn functionality available for the HF 5500 enables combined milling and turning on a single machine - for even greater flexibility in production. Machining in a single set-up provides maximum component accuracy, whilst the use of a high-torque rotary table ensures maximum productivity.

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5-axis machining centres HF - 9

Mill-Turn features Required preconditions Further available options _NC rotary table version DDT   (Direct Drive Turning) _tool shank HSK-T for optimum accuracy   of turning operation _spindle lock to ensure stable hold of the   turning tools _Enforced Drive in Z (option for POWER,   included in PRO) _media interface with multi-line clamping   technology for mill-turn perations at o 80 bar _balancing technology cycle for   balancing the workpieces and fixture in the machine 1 _Enforced Drive in A (option for POWER,   included in PRO) _Siemens NC turning cycles for simple   programming of...

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5-axis machining centres HF - 10

The right spindle for every task 5-axis machining requires all components of a machining centre to deliver a top performance. The spindle must be particularly efficient: highly flexible, with torque characteristic curve adapted for the task in hand and suitable for a range of materials. The HF series 5-axis machining centres offer seven robust and powerful versions, so you work with a spindle that best suits your requirements. Standard: SC 63 i 1) Mill-Turn: HSK-T 2) Cycle time 2 min 3) Cycle time 5 min

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5-axis machining centres HF - 11

Machining units “made by HELLER” _7 spindles to choose from, with the new   Dynamic Cutting spindles (DC 63 i and DC 100 i) perfect for universal use HELLER torque support _tool shank HSK-A 63 or HSK-A 100 optionally   available for both machine sizes _maximum performance in operation with   compact overall dimensions and robustly dimensioned spindle bearing _thermal stability and precision thanks to   continuous cooling: precision cooling unit and spindle thermal growth compensation _absorbs the torque generated on the tool   HELLER attachment head support (MSK) _for the use of attachment...

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5-axis machining centres HF - 12

If you have to work with a broad range of tools and respond flexibly to new production requirements, our HF series 5-axis machining centres are the ideal solution for you. Powerful tool magazines and a precise high-speed tool changer for optimum chip-to-chip times guarantee you constantly short non-productive times. Chip-to-chip time Chain-type magazines Magazine places Rack-type magazines Magazine places ( ) = Opti onal values 1) Consider total load capacity 2) With free adjacent places 3) In conjunction with rack-type magazines 4) Also applies to equipment package PRO

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5-axis machining centres HF - 13

Chain-type magazines _4 chain-type magazines with up to 240 locations for   m achines with HSK-A 63 to choose from _3 chain-type magazines with up to 150 locations for   m achines with HSK-A 100 to choose from _double chain with high traversing dynamic and rigid tool   holders mounted on both sides _short tool-to-tool times achieved through tool provisioning   during machining _convenient operating panel at the tool loading station   (option) _tool loading station with optimum ergonomic design   Rack-type magazines _2 rack-type magazines with up to 405 locations for machines   with HSK-A...

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