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5-axis machining centres 5-axis milling/turning machining centres

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Operation and maintenance 16 Automation solutions 18 Complete machining in HELLER quality Technical data

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Robust machine design, in-depth process experience, comprehensive milling expertise – these are the basic ingredients of our F and C series 5-axis machining centres. With obvious benefits to you: 5-axis machining with maximum output and optimum quality, even in continuous operation. In addition, our C series 5-axis milling/turning machining centres allow you to c ombine milling and turning operations on a single machine – for even more flexible complete machining of your workpieces. Key facts _F series: universal 5-axis machining centres with   5th axis provided by the tool, flexible in use...

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5-axis machining centres F/C - 4

Machine concept Foundation for maximum productivity Only the perfect combination of rigidity and lightweight construction results in a machine design that ensures optimum surface finish and a long tool life. As with all H ELLER machines, the main components of our F and C eries machining centres have been designed using FEA. s The result is a machine bed optimised for rigidity and a mass-reduced column that ensures reliable productivity and high dynamics combined with perfect precision. Machine with table loading (FT/CT) and tilting head kinematics

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5-axis machining centres F/C - 5

Basic structure _high stability and damping in the force flow through   t opology-optimised cast iron structural components _thermo-symmetric design and optimum distribution of   forces _wide range of machining units in a robust design available   _tool changer with two NC axes for fast automatic tool change   _wide range of tool magazines, in chain-type or rack-type   design available _machines with integrated pallet changer (FP/CP) and high   payload for fast automatic pallet change _machine variant with table loading (FT/CT) available for   selected sizes Kinematics _machine bed...

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5-axis machining centres F/C - 6

Optimum process stability in 5-axis machining is also a question of having the right spindle. With our F and C series you can choose from a range of swivel head and tilting head designs. Whether it is heavy-duty cutting of cast iron or steel, high-volume machining of light metals or vertical, horizontal and tilted turning with the C series - we have the right solution to suit your requirements.

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5-axis machining centres F/C - 7

Powerful machining units 5th axis provided by the tool _machining units in two kinematic designs with the 5th axis   provided by the tool: swivel head or tilting head Swivel head kinematics _sturdy cast iron guide slide with high dynamic rigidity and   damping _thermal stability and precision thanks to permanent cooling:   precision cooling unit and thermal growth compensation of the spindle _automatic clamping of the 5th axis for machining operations   with tilted rotary axes _F series: 4 machining units with HSK-A 100 tool shank for   maximum productivity and stability, SK/BT 50 available...

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5-axis machining centres F/C - 8

Tool management Fast, precise, flexible Particularly in 5-axis and mill-turn machining, you work with a wide variety of tools and large tool geometries on a daily basis. No problem for our F and C series machining centres: they allow you to continue to use your tooling flexibly, while ensuring short tool loading times, short downtimes and short non-productive times. ( ) = Opti onal values 1) Consider total load capacity 2) With free adjacent places 3) In conjunction with swivel head

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5-axis machining centres F/C - 9

Chain-type magazines | 4 _choice of 3 chain-type magazines with up to 150 positions _sturdy tool holders mounted on both sides of a double chain for optimised traversing dynamics of the chain _workpiece loading station with optimum accessibility for ergonomic and rapid loading of tools _integrated tool provisioning place for provision of the next tool during machining and short tool-to-tool times _tool shank in enclosed holders: protection against contamination and optimum hold during positioning _tool provisioning during machining for short tool-to-tool times Rack-type magazines 2 _ choice...

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5-axis machining centres F/C - 10

It goes without saying that you can configure the F and C series machining centres to suit your specific requirements: as a workshop machine with a large work area - ideal for single part production - or as a product

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5-axis machining centres F/C - 11

Pallet changer Rotary table _automatic pallet changer with lift/swivel principle   (FP 16000 with slide/swivel principle) _F series: rotary tables with gear drive for high circular milling   torque and damping (FP/FT 16000 with direct drive) _high maximum load with robust, hydraulic drive   _C series: direct drive rotary table for high speeds in turning   operation and high milling dynamics _optimum application of force to machine pallets due to the   fork shape of the lift-and-swivel bridge _consistently high tool change accuracy due to robust   alignment elements and extensive blow-off of...

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5-axis machining centres F/C - 12

Perfect solutions to suit your requirements Fast and effective chip removal is a top priority with our machining centres. The design of the work area prevents the accumulation of chips and ensures that they are quickly removed from the machine. You can select the most suitable conveyor design and coolant unit for your individual work processes. Precision and process are assured! Cooling lubricant supply _coolant units: paper band filter or vacuum rotation filter with high tank   volumes available as options _internal coolant supply (IKZ) through the tool with high pressure 50 bar   (option:...

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Chip disposal _chip disposal using spiral conveyors and a   cross-conveyor _chip conveyor either as scraper belt or   hinged conveyor, depending on the application (option) _steep side panels and concertina covers   with self-cleaning effect to prevent chip deposits 1 _work area flushing and shower to support   rapid chip removal in machines with coolant units _option: extraction unit for the removal of   coolant mist from the work area Media supply _easy maintenance with optimum accessibility,   all supply units at a glance 2 _compressed air and water gun integrated   into the machine...

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