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VF-1 - 1

Convenience package removed; Control mounted on top for shipping Shipping Dimensions Control 86in (2184mm) Spindle Head as Shipped Shipping height (94"/2388mm) and width (7871981mm) shown Contact your local Haas Factory Outlet for further breakdown information

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VF-1 - 2

VF-1 Revision C Page 2 of 5 March 2016 VF-1 Note: Foundation must extend at least 12in (305mm) from bored holes 12in (305 mm)

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VF-1 - 3

Machine Layout Drawing VF-1 Interior Travels VF-1 Revision C Page 3 of 5 March 2016 X/Y Axis Clearances 1. The table shown is at XY home, the dashed line is the table at max XY travels 2. Measurements are from the edge of the table to the nearest obstruction 3. Dimensions shown are at the top of the table, dimensions are reduced as the height increases (5 degree slope inside the sheet-metal) 4. Dimensions are symmetrical unless otherwise stated Notes: 1. P-Cool dimension varies based on P-Cool position 2. Refer to the page on tool changer dimensions for tool changer heights

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VF-1 - 4

14.50in (368mm) Usable Table Size

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VF-1 - 5

Tool Changer Arm Moves Down 4.5" (114mm) During Tool Change The Umbrella Tool Changer moves in towards the spindle to do a tool change.

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