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Lathes Dual-Spindle Series - 1

Lathes: Dual-Spindle Series “Done-In-One” Solution for Multi-Op Parts / Made with Pride in the USA

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Lathes Dual-Spindle Series - 2

Dual-Spindle Series The Haas DS-30Y combines dual-spindle turning with Y axis, C axis, and live tooling to create a powerful “done-in-one” machining solution for any shop. The opposed spindles support fully synchronized turning, and allow on-the-fly part pass-off to reduce cycle times. High-Performance, Dual-Spindle/Y-Axis Turning Centers TURRETS & LIVE TOOLING CHIPS & COOLANT HAAS CONTROL Reliable, high-performance spindles – designed and manufactured by Haas. The DS-30Y comes equipped with a 12-station BMT65 turret, 4000-rpm live tooling, and a synchronized C axis for versatile 4-axis...

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