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GS500 - 1

Ground Support Specialists High Speed Tow Vehicle Key Features - 60 + sq. ft. of Flat Deck - Custom Deck Layouts - Multiple Vehicle Lengths - Multiple Wheel Bases - Optional Power Trains - Multi-Purpose Chassis - EPA/CARB Certified The GS500 is a high speed tow vehicle designed to meet a variety of needs in airline GSE applications. Rugged Reliability Excellent Serviceability High Load Capacity. Ground Support Specialists, LLC Meeting Your “Custom” Application Needs 2205 Cole Road Horn Lake, MS 38637 (662) 342-1412

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GS500 - 2

Model GS500 High Speed Tow Vehicle SPECIFICATIONS GVWR Wheel Base Engine Advertised BHP Peak Torque Cooling System Transmission Electrical System 190 lb.ft.@ 1800 rpm Ford C-6 12V, Neg Ground Front Axle Optional Equipment Rear GAWR Rear Suspension Work Lights Multi-Leaf Springs Rear Axle Gear Ratio Multiple Power Train Options Cab Air Conditioner Rotating/Flashing Beacon Back-up Alarm Liquid 50/50 Anti Freeze Front Suspension Steering Front GAWR Standard Features Custom Options Available Upon Request Front Disc,/ Rear Drum Frame Width Vehicle Length Vehicle Width Vehicle Height Ground...

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