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TRAINING CONCEPT GROB customer trainings As products become more and more complex and the competition gets tougher, the importance of customer training as a key component of the GROB global range of services is constantly growing. An experienced team of qualified trainers is squaring up to this challenge at GROB. The GROB service range Besides individual customer consultation and support, the GROB service range above all includes an diverse range of training and development modules. From system operation, NC programming to preventive maintenance and inspection through to mechanical and...

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The GROB training modules at a glance TRAINING MODULES NC programming (GROB-specific programming) NC programming (Basic course) Operation Electrical maintenance Mechanical maintenance Motorized spindle, mechanical systems (installation and removal) Renishaw (perpendicularity), mechanical systems Tool change, mechanical systems YOUR CONTACT GROB customer training Tel.: +49 8261 996-5771 Fax: +49 8261 996-959949 E-mail: Detailed information on training enquiries and applications can be found on page 10.

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GROB training modules You will be closely acquainted with GROB machining centers through various modules. No matter whether novice or experienced machine operator - we demonstrate how the machines work to optimal effect. NC PROGRAMMING (GROB-specific programming)

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NC PROGRAMMING (basic course)

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Individual training opportunities with GROB If you are not sure which is the best training for you, we will be happy to devise individual training concepts. We will work with you to analyze your needs and requirements. We will then develop a tailored training that fulfils your personal aspirations. Please e-mail your written training enquiry/application to E-mail: • Tel. +49 8261 996-5771

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(GROB THE GROB GROUP Tradition - Know-how spanning generations The story of GROB-WERKE began back in 1926 when Dr. Ernst Grob founded Ernst Grob Werkzeug- und Maschinenfabrik. As a global, family-owned company that develops and manufactures systems and machine tools, the heart of GROB-WERKE has been beating since 1968 in Mindelheim, Bavaria. We are represented around the globe with our production facilities in Bluffton (Ohio, USA), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Dalian (China), as well as our worldwide service and sales branches. Decades of experience, excellent quality and reliability in terms of...

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GROB RUSSLAND Moscow, Russia GROB MACHINE TOOLS Birmingham, Great Britain GROB SYSTEMS Bluffton, Ohio, USA GROB POLSKA Poznań, Poland GROB HUNGARIA Győr, Hungary GROB ITALIA Turin, Italy GROB MACHINE TOOLS Beijing , China GROB MACHINE TOOLS Dalian, China GROB KOREA Seoul, South Korea GROB MACHINE TOOLS Shanghai, China GROB MEXICO Querétaro, Mexico GROB MACHINE TOOLS Hyderabad, India B. GROB DO BRASIL São Paulo, Brazil GROB-WERKE GmbH & Co. KG Mindelheim, GERMANY Tel.: +49 8261 996-0 Fax: +49 8261 996-268 e-mail: B. GROB DO BRASIL S.A. São Paulo, BRAZIL Tel.: +55 11...

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