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GROB-Werke A globally active family company

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Traditional Engin'

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GROB Contents introduction Mission & Vision Tradition Employees Business association Research & Development Quality Locations

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Measurable success over generations. Introduction GROB-WERKE is a globally-active, family-owned company which has seen continuous growth for generations due to our enormous innovative drive. Since Ernst Grob founded the company in 1926, a firm foundation of family culture has remained within the organization. GROB-WERKE’s ability to think long-term has been a longstanding factor of our success .Our thinking is not oriented to short-term gains or affected by the capital marketplace. Strategies are developed based on family tradition, thus ensuring continuity over many years to come. GROB’s...

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Targets need a direction. Mission Long-term thinking and strong costumer focus. Quality and delivery reliability. Innovative force and technological leadership. Value appreciation and committment to employees. These are traditionally the core components of the GROB company philosophy. Core values that provide the direction the company will take. This is the philosophy which GROBWerke has used time and again over the long history of the company to gain the trust of the customers and its own workforce, and it has thus been able to expand and reinforce its market position for decades. As a...

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Know-how over generations. Tradition From the first GROB series production system, a stationary combustion engine with which Ernst Grob Tool and Machine Works in Munich was founded in 1926, to the ultra-modern, completely hydraulic-free, fully CNC controlled machining center: GROB-WERKE has demonstrated its immense, innovative force and highest levels of engineering know-how over many generations. The founder of the company, Ernst Grob, and the present-day proprietor of the GROB-WERKE, Burkhart Grob, have shown that this family-owned company has always been led by a bold leader. Using their...

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Intelligent technology is human. Employees Today, more than 4,000 employees work for GROB worldwide. They are the backbone of the company, its key factor to its success and its formative force. Their ideas and actions provide the image of GROB-WERKE, both internally and externally. Without them, we would not be able to meet our customers requirements for advanced technology, quality, ability to keep to deadlines and reliability. Their qualifications, motivation and productivity make a decisive contribution to the fact that GROB not only competes internationally, but is able to expand our...

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More than the sum of its parts. Business association The laying of the foundation at B. GROB do Brasil in Sao Paulo on June 14th, 1956 was not only the start of the unique overseas success story of GROB-WERKE, but also was the start of one of the most successful networks in global special machine manufacturing. Today, after more than fifty years, the importance of this visionary company founding cannot be doubted. Its consistent development is highlighted by the founding of the production facilities in Mindelheim, Germany (1968), in Bluffton, USA (1983) and in Dalian, China (2010). Our...

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The view of the details. Research & Development Research and development are traditional supporting pillars and cornerstones to GROB-WERKE. The designers at GROB have used their high level of creativity, engineering knowledge and technical know-how to create the reputation of the technological leader in special machine tool manufacturing. However, it is not only our passionate participation in the ongoing search for innovative solutions that makes the difference. It is the continuous contact with production and assembly. It is the day-to-day interchange of experience with the GROB service...

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GROB Quality Due to the high quality of our products and service, GROB-WERKE is not a company that can be accurately described in words. We are also not exclusively bound to quality management systems. The highest and most important demonstration of quality for a company is the praise by the customers. Their decision to purchase is driven by quality standards. Quality is created at GROB by a combination of high levels of technical expertise, precision work and a portion of creativity. It is our quality that our customers have relied on for ages. The fact that our customers can trust us is...

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Right around the globe there for you. Location GROB Systems, Bluffton, Ohio, USA GROB-WERKE, Mindelheim, Germany GROB RUSSLAND, Moscow, Russia GROB MACHINE TOOLS, Birmingham, United Kingdom GROB-WERKE, Mindelheim, Germany GROB HUngaria, Györ, Hungary GROB MACHINE TOOLS, Beijing, China GROB MACHINE TOOLS, Dalian, China GROB KOREA, Seoul, South Korea GROB SYSTEMS, Bluffton, Ohio, USA GROB MACHINE TOOLS, Shanghai, China GROB MEXICO, Querétaro, Mexiko Grob Machine Tools, Hyderabad, India GROB DO BRASIL, São Paulo, Brazil GROB DO BRASIL, São Paulo, Brazil GROB MACHINE TOOLS, Dalian, PR China

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Always creating new networks. Locations Facilities GROB-WERKE GmbH & Co. KG Mindelheim, Germany Telefon: +49 8261 996 0 Telefax: +49 8261 996 268 E-Mail: GROB MEXICO S.A. de C.V. Querétaro, Qro., MEXICO Telefon: +52 442 209 5241 E-Mail: GROB MACHINE TOOLS INDIA Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad, INDIA Telefon: +91 40 4202 3336 E-Mail: B. GROB DO BRASIL S.A. São Paulo, Brazil Telefon: +55 11 4367 9100 Telefax: +55 11 4367 9101 E-Mail: GROB MACHINE TOOLS U.K. LTD. Birmingham, United Kingdom Telefon: +44 121 366 9848...

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Publisher: GROB-WERKE GmbH & Co. KG, Mindelheim. Text: Robert A. Thiem, Photos: GROB-WERKE GmbH & Co. KG, Robert A. Thiem, Dieter Rebmann Rebmann Photography, Photographie Kienle & Bühler,, Design & realizations: inpublic Werbung & PR, Printed by: Holzer Druck und Medien Druckerei und Zeitungsverlag,

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