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Green Furniture Concept 2022


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Green Furniture Concept 2022 - 1

Making places matter Placemaking modular solutions for public spaces

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Green Furniture Concept 2022 - 2

We're making places matter. Green Furniture Concept create public space interiors, bringing sustainable seating and lighting design to the core of urban placemaking. Our portfolio ranges from transportation hubs and healthcare centres to school campuses and retail complexes. We work closely with architects, facility managers and industry stake-holders to create customised interiors, making sure they meet the needs of all the people they serve. From our offices in Scandinavia and North America, we’ve become internationally recognised as pioneers of sustainable design. We’re working to make a...

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Green Furniture Concept 2022 - 3

Our purpose is World Positive Impact. Reducing carbon footprint Proactive development When developing new products, we use a tool we call the circular design checklist. This checklist is used in development projects to make sure that aspects that would have a negative impact on the environment are not missed. It is also the base of our Circular Design Indicator that is used to evaluate projects in terms of their sustainable and circular output. Many Green Furniture Concept was born out of a deep desire to do good, take responsibility and always challenge ourselves and the industry to change...

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Green Furniture Concept 2022 - 4

Designing spaces Product series We’re working to boost the standard of public space interiors as a whole. We provide modular seating and lighting solutions for public space interiors, Our guiding principles are leading us forward, placing sustainability, adding placemaking values and delivering a memorable experience with a design excellence and real human needs at the core of all we achieve. positive impact for the visitor, the world, and everyone in between. We bring nature indoors, connect people to places, and individuals with each other. Can indoor spaces create deeper sensory...

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Green Furniture Concept 2022 - 5

Traditional seating - 126 Seats Green seating - 180 Seats Green seating - 126 Seats + 30% With convex and concave shapes plus the "endless" seating functionality, space can be used more efficiently. As a result, 30-50% more seats are available – at 50 cm seating area per person. The space saved by the intelligent arrangement of Green seating modules can be used in a variety of ways for example a coffee shop or a sushi bar. The flexibility of modular Tailored curvatures in line with the arcitecture of the space will lead the flow and control the pace. Modular furniture are easy to...

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Green Furniture Concept 2022 - 6

Product comparison chart We often get the question of how to know which products to use? Our comparison chart makes it easy to discover which seating and lighting solutions fit your space and needs the best. Placemaking Furniture Chart SEAMLESS TABLE Storage underneath Commercial areas Gate areas Lounge areas Railway areas Educational spaces Healthcare receptions Offices Food courts FEATURES Modular flexibility Sustainability (FSC Wood) Integrated electricity Ease of cleaning

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Green Furniture Concept 2022 - 7

Ascent seating series As its name suggests, Ascent is a seating system that elevates public space furniture to new heights. The series was created in consultation with architects and planners to create a flexible, modular system that could change and adapt as its surroundings evolve. Designed with placemaking in mind, Ascent’s soft contours, smooth textures, and sustainable wood make public space interiors warmer and more welcoming. Ascent received the Red Dot Award for Product Design in 2021. Sustainability Ascent Series is designed and developed to support a longer use cycle. The Ascent...

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Green Furniture Concept 2022 - 8

Ascent Double Rise Characterised by its sculptural contours and sloping backrest, Ascent takes modular seating to a new level. The concept was created in response to the growing demand for placemaking designs able to shape public space in new ways. As the modules are configured to create a unique variety of curving shapes, they can also create backrests with sloping profiles and eye-catching silhouettes. The design is fully interactive, inviting architects, planners and interior designers to customise the backrests to meet practical needs or find new expressions. Inspired by Scandinavia’s...

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Green Furniture Concept 2022 - 9

Ascent Back This single-sided version of Ascent and it's open back, makes it easy to design around walls and follow other structures. Ascent offers an alternative to long rows of lateral seating and provides more 01 seats per square metre in the same space. Each installation has placemaking potential, introducing soft contours and warm textures that create a sense of place as they enhance the surroundings. The warmth of the natural wood resonates throughout large-scale interiors, making public spaces feel warmer and more inviting. 01. Ascent Single Back Straight 02. Ascent Single Back...

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Green Furniture Concept 2022 - 10

Ascent Double Back Ascent’s double-sided design offers twice as much seating as its single-sided counterpart, yet still provides the same degree of comfort, flexibility and configurability. Its modular components save space by creating continuous seating units and can be taken apart and reconfigured to meet new requirements. Ascent can be configured to maximise the flow of individuals towards specific areas, providing a subtle means of guiding visitors towards departure points and commercial areas. Stackable, easy to maintain and transport, Ascent is an ever-evolving seating solution...

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Green Furniture Concept 2022 - 11

Ascent Double Bench With its low, lateral shape and subtle contours, the backless version of Ascent can wind through interiors transparently without hiding other features in the space. Its backless design and open undercarriage enable all areas to remain in full view, making open-plan surroundings appear more spacious, and more secure. Each part is modular and can quickly and easily be reconfigured into a new design when requirements change. New components can be introduced to create backrests, change the angles of the curves or reconfigure the shape altogether. The bench’s low profile...

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Green Furniture Concept 2022 - 12

01. Ascent Series Stadium Armrest 02. Ascent Series Stadium Charger 03. Ascent Series Stadium Table

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