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STRONG It’s large. Powerful. Compact. The mighty »BISON« is the image of pure strength. Combining a sturdy body with surprising agility, this impressive heavyweight can take on even the toughest competitions.

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DYNAMIC Looks can be deceiving: while, due to its size, the »BISON« might seem rather slow and ponderous at first sight, it can instantly turn into an unstoppable powerhouse. All it takes is a challenging task.

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It never takes the easy way out, even when things get rough. No matter if the weather is hot and dusty, rainy and cold, or windy and freezing: the »BISON« prevails because it flexibly adapts to the conditions.

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PERSISTENT Also in terms of toughness, the »BISON« truly stands out from the pack. With an awesome set of qualities such as durability, resourcefulness and a long lifetime, it is best equipped to make no compromises.

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THE NEW »BISON« FAMILY Robust and reliable, safe and flexible, modular and maneuverable: all models of the new »BISON« family have a broad range of future-proof performance characteristics. On the apron, the »BISON« is not only a loyal companion for any driver, but a force to be reckoned with.

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AIRCRAFT TYPES THE »BISON« FAMILY READY FOR ANY TASK Innovative, well-thought-out, all-purpose: »BISON« is a completely new family of conventional aircraft tow tractors. Thanks to their modular design, the vehicles can be easily adapted to market-specific requirements, making »BISON« the perfect solution for aircraft handling of almost any aircraft type and weight class up to 400 t. With the future expansion of our model range by additional sizes, the complete aircraft range on the market can be covered.

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»BISON« D OR E DIESEL OR ELECTRIC, ALWAYS HIGH PERFORMANCE The »BISON« family unites »BISON« D models with diesel engine and »BISON« E models with electric motor. All models are low-maintenance vehicles and achieve the same high levels of performance, safety and comfort. In addition, the »BISON« family offers an optimum price-performance rat

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»BISON« BENEFITS FUTUREPROOF PLATFORM UNIFORM OPERATION EASY MAINTENANCE FUTURE-PROOF PLATFORM The modular »BISON« family uses many identical parts and thus ensures optimum spare parts availability. A highly flexible ballasting concept, which allows for individual configuration according to the respective application, and the option to easily retrofit an operator platform are further examples of the exceptional adaptability of the »BISON« family. Once you know one »BISON«, you know them all. The uniform operating concept of the family reduces time spent for operator training and also is a...

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»BISON« D A COMPANION YOU CAN COUNT ON The diesel-powered »BISON« D aircraft tow tractor from Goldhofer gives you the power and maneuverability you require for reliable, efficient and safe aircraft handling. Carrying the latest technology, it is ready when you need it and does not need a lot of care. Thanks to the future-proof design concept of the family, »BISON« D can easily be converted to »BISON« E. This allows you to go green without having to exchange your »BISON« fleet. + Start-stop system to reduce operating hours: This optional feature is available for all »BISON« models and leads...

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ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE MINIMUM TCO »BISON« E 24-HOUR SHIFTS, NO EMISSIONS The »BISON« E for eco-friendly pushbacks is a tireless working animal that needs little, but gives plenty. Pushback after pushback, it always delivers its full power and is equal to its diesel-powered siblings. Its exceptional stamina is based on Goldhofer’s innovative »IonMaster« technology, which allows opportunity charging and 80 % of battery attainability within two hours charging time – with no need for a special charging infrastructure. + »IonMaster« technology from Goldhofer: This...

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All »BISON« models are characterized by long maintenance intervals and short maintenance times, which result in an extraordinary high in-service rate and very low TCO. Their minimalistic design reduces the number of parts to be maintained and ensures easy access to all important parts for maintenance, service and repair. Optimized hydraulic oil capacities lead to further cost savings and environmental compatibility. For the care of your »BISON« fleet, you can rely on the extensive customer service of Goldhofer, which is available at any time and at any place around the world. SERVICE...

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09/2018 Subject to technical progress and regulations in force, we reserve the right to change the above specifications. Data +/- 3 %. Goldhofer ARE YOU READY FOR THE »BISON« FAMILY? GET IN TOUCH WITH US! GOLDHOFER AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT Donaustrasse 95, 87700 Memmingen/Germany Phone: +49 8331 15-0, Fax: +49 8331 15-239 Web: E-mail: SALES Phone: +49 8331 15-343 E-mail: SERVICE AND SPARE PARTS Phone: +49 8331 962 99 99, Fax: +49 8331 15-247 E-mail:

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