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excellence in audio communications, on & around aircraft 2020

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excellence in audio communications GLOBALSYS Expert in cordless and embedded technologies since 1997 GLOBALSYS develops and manufactures highly innovative and effective solutions in the areas of : o Wireless Communication Systems o Cordless Audio Systems o Embedded Technology GLOBALSYS is acknowledged as an expert for Cordless Audio applications, being able to propose a very wide spectrum of wireless technologies adapted for Voice communications in particular (Analog, DECT/ WDCT, Bluetooth, Voice over IP / WiFi, GSM, WIMAX…). Our solutions are designed for Aeronautics, Defense, Naval and...

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THE STANDARD WIRED SOLUTION HEA371 is the new version of our wired Headset for ramp operations. It’s one of the safer Headsets on the market with an attenuation of 32 dB. The ergonomic shape is perfectly designed for the human head. You will put handlers in the best work conditions. o Ptt option (3 positions, on chest…) o Waterproof differential microphone o Cable options (short + extension, integrated, coiled, straight, 12m long, 3m long…) o Fully EN-352compliant (noise protection) Our after-sales service is really active worldwide. We provide spare parts for whoever might need some and...

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AIRLINK2085 Establishes a Cordless, full-duplex, audio conference for your operational Teams, at a very reasonable cost. Specifically designed for aeronautic applications, it can be used during Maintenance Operations, during Engine runs or Departure procedures in noisy context. MOBILE UNIT BELTPACK VERSION Compatible with every wired headset and made with a Jack connector 6.35mm, a Belt clip and a Black rubber protection. Including 1 rechargeable Lithium battery. Compatible with every civil aircraft. Made with a Jack connector 6.35mm and a Black rubber protection. Establishes the...

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SOME ADVANTAGES The agent on the ground is then no longer constrained in his movements by the length of the «extension cable» (generally around ten meters). The wireless allows (much better than the extension) to practice «One-man push-back», that is to say the departure with a single agent on the ground. FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT Practical case where the interest of wireless is demonstrated: For the effective departure of the aircraft, all the doors must (of course) be completely closed; if the pilot sees in his screens that a door is not closed properly (for example the rear cargo door), he...

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SOME OPTIONS COCKPIT ISOLATION In case of training or wingwalkers management or any other need, you might use this option to only allow one ground operator to communicate with the cockpit. While every ground staff connected to the aircraft base can hear the pilots, only one can talk to them but every ground operator can hear each other. This option is mainly used to not disturb the communication betweek cockpit and airport tower or in case of an emergency, only most important conversations and informations go to ground to aircraft. Moreover, with the 3 positions PTT, you can choose which...

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Audio language Vocal announcement configuration Software upgrade Maintenance records access Push To Talk options selection With a standard USB cable, you might set up your wireless headset as you want to. With an easy userfriendly help menu, this software downloadable on any PC Windows computer might be very useful for you in your operations if in any case you want to modify it in a way or in an other. OUR LAST INNOVATIONS BLUETOOTH OPTION You could connect any type of Bluetooth device to your headset. This option might be installed for you to create a link between your headset and a...

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OTHER APPLICATIONS SECURITY BUMP CAP We also supply integrated wireless headsets with your security equipment. With any security bump cap, our standard headsets are good-size made. They can easily fit and allow you to stay in communication during your critical dangerous operations. If you need or if you want to remove the headband, it is possible, and we will produce your headsets as « two cups » like for the Hard Hat below. HARD HAT Typically the same as the security Bump Cap above. Adapted to your needs, the two cups are connected and easily fit any helmet or security hat.

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RACK CHARGERS As our batteries are easily removable from the different equipment, we also propose a rack chargers' solution. With one power supply (PSW415A), you may be able to charge up to 30 headset batteries (BAT407) at the same time OR 20 beltpack mobile or aircraft base unit batteries (BAT406). One headset batteries rack charger (RCH407) can welcome 3 headset batteries. One beltpack mobile or aircraft base unit batteries rack charger (RCH406) can welcome 2 beltpack mobile or aircraft base unit batteries. This solution is useful to charge the equipment directly in your trucks. Airlink...

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n?ig Vienna International Airport gL^al-sys MOBILITY & AWARENESS

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MOBILITY & AWARENESS thank you for reading! Do not hesitate to ask us our presentation for the other Governmental, on-board and embedded systems: Airlink 3085IA which might also allow you to connect up to 8 users at the same time. Or contact us at: + 33 1 43 99 42 17 Parc des Petits Carreaux 2B Avenue des Coquelicots 94380 Bonneuil sur Marne - France + 1 438 630 3311 7240 Waverly, Suite 209 QC H2R 2Y8, Montreal, Canada + 852 34 683 535

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