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Winter Safety Equipment - 1

Winter Safety Equipment

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Winter Safety Equipment - 2

Grit Spreader Servicing Packages & The Winter Check List 10-11 Manual Grit/Salt Spreaders 12-15 Grit Bins & Multi Purpose Storage Containers 16-21 Snow Removal Equipment 22-24 From ideas ... to real world solutions New product development has been a defining element throughout our history. The nature of our products is such that they must be designed to resist the numerous challenges faced within the urban landscape. We continuously enhance our product range and pave the way in the market by introducing unique products. Working together with our innovative design team, we want to provide...

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Winter Safety Equipment - 3

Gritting your site is essential for staying safe during the winter months. Glasdon towable gritters cover large areas with ease and are simple to use with a car, truck or even quad bike. The towable gritters can be used for broadcast or drop spreading wet or dry grit/ salt and are great for covering car parks, pedestrianised areas, small roads or industrial sites.

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Winter Safety Equipment - 4

■ Turbocast 800™ Towable Dual Action Grit/Salt Spreader SPECIFICATIONS Length with side deflectors not in use: 1935mm Length with side deflectors in use: 2038mm Size: 1210mm wide x 1050mm high Capacity: 200 litres (approx. 10 x 25kg bags) Towbar height: 290 - 690mm Maximum payload: 250kg* Unladen weight: 170kg Maximum laden weight: 420kg Maximum spreading width: 8 metres Maximum towing speed: 20mph *The weight of grit/salt is highly dependent on type and moisture content. DESIGN FEATURES • Durapol™ material hopper - will not rust, chip or corrode. • Low maintenance stainless steel chassis,...

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Winter Safety Equipment - 5

An OFF setting allows the unit to be towed without dispersing grit when required. Amber flashing light BROADCAST SPREADS DROP SPREADS An 8 metre spread can be covered at towing speeds from 5 – 20mph, to suit towing vehicle and application. For accurate, controlled spreading, eliminating any waste grit/salt. Number plate holder Towable Gritters OPTIONAL EXTRAS APPROXIMATE SPREADING RATES Durapol material hopper Agitation mechanism Broadcast spinner plate Twin side deflectors Towing bar and security cable Jockey wheel assembly Spread adjustment handwheel GRITTING MACHINE SERVICE Glasdon offer...

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Winter Safety Equipment - 6

■ Turbocast 1000™ Towable Dual Action Grit/Salt Spreader • Reversing bars - to protect the unit from accidental damage when reversing. • Light cluster - comprising a rear brake, number plate, indicator and rear fog lights. • Reflectors. • 20mph sticker. SPECIFICATIONS Side deflectors not in use: 2676mm long x 1637mm wide Side deflectors in use: 2966mm long x 1590mm wide Load height: 1151mm Towbar height: 462mm Capacity: 430 litres Maximum payload: 500kg (holds approx. 20 x 25kg bags of rock salt) Unladen weight: 250kg Maximum laden weight: 750kg Maximum spreading width: approx. 10 metres...

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Winter Safety Equipment - 7

Towable Gritters APPROXIMATE SPREADING RATES* BROADCAST SPREAD DISTANCE miles *Based on dry white rock salt. Rate of Spread 3 spread rate settings have been selected to follow recommended guidelines set by Highways England. 1. Precautionary (prior to ground frost, snow and ice). 2. Intermediate (following ground frost). 3. Priority (following ice and snow). An OFF setting allows the unit to be towed without dispersing grit when required. Not Suitable for use on Public Highways. Durapol material hopper Agitation mechanism Dual spinner plates Twin side deflectors Spread adjustment and shut...

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Winter Safety Equipment - 8

Towable Gritters BROADCAST SPREADS DROP SPREADS A large area can be covered quickly with minimum passes, for an even and consistent spread. For accurate, controlled spreading, eliminating any waste grit/salt. TURBOCAST 1000 CONVERTS FROM A BROADCAST SPREADER INTO A DROP SPREADER WITH THE USE OF UNIQUE TWIN SIDE DEFLECTORS. Release the catch with a gloved hand. Lower the first side deflector into position. Repeat the procedure for the second side deflector to complete the conversion. TOWING: TURBOCAST 1000 IS NOT SUITABLE FOR USE ON PUBLIC HIGHWAYS GRITTING MACHINE SERVICE Glasdon offer a...

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Winter Safety Equipment - 9

Maintenance lamp Digga™ shovel Amber flashing light Filling grille Fine grit salt kit Number plate holder Towable Gritters OPTIONAL EXTRAS The broadcast spread can be limited to one side only where required

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Winter Safety Equipment - 10

Maintain your Turbocast GrittingMachine with a Glasdon Service It is important that your Turbocast Gritter continues to work perfectly. That is why we offer servicing of your Turbocast 300, Turbocast 800 or Turbocast 1000 Gritting Machines. To ensure optimum performance it is important to routinely service any winter safety equipment with moving parts. Within the service package there is the option to have your Turbocast gritter collected, a comprehensive service completed and your machine returned to you in excellent working order Alternatively, for an additional cost, our Glasdon...

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Winter Safety Equipment - 11

In the autumn and winter months, the combined darker, wetter and colder conditions present additional risk factors which can contribute to an increase in slips and trips around the workplace. 3 1. Revisit Risk Areas Identify all outdoor areas used by pedestrians across your site and facilities and highlight those priority routes that could be affected by ice, frost and snow. 3 Take a look at our 5 p oint ch eckli and fee l confid st ent that yo u, your staff and fac ilities a re prepar ed for the colder month s ahead. 3 2. Roles and Responsibilities The approved code of practice for...

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Winter Safety Equipment - 12

Grit/Salt Spreaders Glasdon supply a range of manual grit spreaders which are ideal for gritting entrance areas, pavements and footpaths. Like our towable gritters, we have options for both broadcast and drop spreading.

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Winter Safety Equipment - 13

Manual Grit/Salt Spreaders Broadcast Spreader SPECIFICATIONS ■ Turbocast 300™ Grit/Salt DESIGN FEATURES • Chassis manufactured from mild steel with Armortec™ coating. • 52 litre Durapol material hopper. • Plastic guards protect all working mechanisms. • Slim design - can fit through a standard 760mm door. • Easy to empty. • Range of spreading settings. • Solid rubber cushioned tyres. • Polypropylene spinning plate - protected by a steel frame. • Agitation mechanism - designed to efficiently spread either wet or dry rock salt. Size: 1235mm long x 670mm wide x 950mm high Load height: 690mm...

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