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LandMark™65 IMU - 1

Automated Testing Comprehensive ERP Environmental Test Lab: - Shock - Vibration - Temperature Calibration - G-Sensivity -Axis Alignment - Centrifuge - GPS Simulation NON-ITAR MEMS IMU High Range Low Gyro Noise 0.0016°/sec/VHz Low Accel Noise 0.035mg/VHz (40g) In-Run Gyro Bias 5°/hour 1a Wide Sensor Bandwidth 250 Hz Compensated Misalignment <M> mrad G-Sensitivity <0.003°/sec/g 1a Full Temperature Compensation (Bias & SF) Vibration 15gRMS Shock1000g RS422/485 (5kHz) or CAN BUS 2.0B 1MHz External Sync Input (6kHz) Low Power < 500 mW Typical Low Voltage +7 to +36V (available for +5Vin*) Light Weight <115 grams Small Size < 76cm3/4.6in3 Gladiator Technologies Division LKD Aerospace 8020 Bracken Place SE Snoqualmie, WA 98065 USA Tel: +1.425.396.0829 Fax: +1.425.396.1129 Applications Platform Stabilization Antenna Stabilization Antenna Pointing EO/IR Stabilization LIDAR Stabilization Low Cost Navigation Flight Testing High Vibration Environments Products: Gyros Accelerometers IMU VG AHRS VG/GPS GPS/AHRS INS/GPS

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LandMark™65 IMU - 2

LandMark™ 65 IMU Axes (Top View) Right Hand Rule Preliminary Specification Mating Connector: M83513/03-BN Pin No. Note: Any unused inputs (Pins 4, 6, 9) must be connected to signal ground (Pin 8). Specification subject to change without notice

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