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Company Gis Design is a well-established company that has over 20 years of experience in supporting airport authorities in matters concerning airfield safety, ensuring compliance with international applicable standards, high-quality certification (ISO 9001:2015) and technological innovation. The core competencies of Gis Design regard aerodrome and obstacles mapping. The company provides a wide range of specialized services, such as potential air navigation obstacles identification, aerodrome chart type “A” and “B” elaboration, and specific operating procedures preparation using 3D...

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Services Generation of Obstacle Limitation and Identification Surfaces (OLS and OIS, compliant with ICAO annex 14&15 and EASA CS-ADR-DSN). Implementation of the Electronic Terrain and Obstacles Data eTOD, (as per ICAO Annex 15, EASA Decision AMC & GM for Aerodromes and Eurocontrol TOD Data Manual), through the 3D Geographic Information System. Air navigation obstacles census within the areas under the jurisdiction of the airport manager (in compliance with ICAO annex 14&15 and EASA Decision AMC & GM for Aerodromes) and obstacles monographs preparation. Monitoring obstacles marking and...

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Services Aerodrome chart type “A” and “B”, constraint and obstacles limitation maps elaboration. Monitoring of aerodrome surroundings, as required by Regulation (UE) n. 139/2014 (EASA ADR.OPS.B.075): obstacles and the possibility of induced turbulence; use of hazardous lights; dazzling caused by large and highly reflective surfaces; sources of non-visible radiation; non-aeronautical ground lights nearby an aerodrome, which may endanger the aircrafts’ safety, etc. Potential air navigation obstacles identification with high-precision GPS surveys, satellite images, aerial photogrammetry and...

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Software Gis Design has recently developed an advanced and innovative monitoring and advising technique which identifies potential air navigation obstacles by using live satellite images. Particularly, it provides a response system notifying the specialists of the presence of a new territorial element (a tree, a crane, a trellis, a building, etc.) which may represent a potential obstacle. The methodology,offered to the managers with real-time,monthly,quarterly,biannual,or annual monitoring frequencies,enables the complete fulfillment of the EASA regulations, in relation to the communication...

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Clients Gis Design has successfully executed more than 30 projects, commissioned by both private and public clients including: aiming to reach higher safety levels in air navigation and better compliance management with applicable regulations. Civil Aviation Authorities requiring consultants providing specialistic softwares and training in aviation services. Civil Engineering Companies aviation know-how and expertise. looking for a partner with in-depth

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GIS DESIGN S.R.L. 19, Santissimo Crocifisso Street 95037 San Giovanni La Punta (CT) - Italy Tel. +39 095 8133220 Mail Web

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