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Speed Flying is a winter flying sport, mixing together 2 magic gliding elements the snow and the air - in the fabulous environment - the mountain. Linking the flight of a glider with the turn of your skis adds a new dimension to the descent from a mountain! pro Freeride sitter / 1st X-games 1997 / 1st VerSier Ride 2003 Speedflying is a new way of freedom and an exhilarating experience that should be practised with care and in a carefully chosen environment. GIRT Fro test rider / 5st Red Buff Acro Uertigo 2000 / lift Acroandes, worfd tour, Argentina, ocfoSer 2004 / 2nd Freeride Air Cup Speedriding Daffrejus 200T The practice of Speed Flying needs a good level of skiing. You need to learn from the paragliding schools who are set up and able to teach Speed Flying. You will gain essential knowledge and you will learn faster in a fun, controlled, less stressful and safer environment. Xont Bfane: SpeedjTymcj worfd premiere! Mont Bl! (4e841HF Mraayn2oi0s6nFrea5nSiO^^GIN made ¥ ^ Speedflying descent off the safe|y in the valley. The longest mountain (38°° m^cs) m 8 minutes. Skiing and flying until ever clmie, the biggest height eVer Practicing on ski slopes is forbidden. It is highly recommended to contact the ski resort safety service, and to receive autorisation of some off-piste area to practice. Make sure you maintain a responsible attitude in your first steps toward Speed Flying. en SpeedjTyiny Premiere A The responsible Speed Flying pilots should equip themselves with a complete set of good freeride ski and avalanche equipment (Recco, transceiver (Arva) , shovel, probe...) On theA V4th FFt ^^s Bon- GIN Team pd^, and his friend MouV3uV did the first speedflying descent of the mystic Mount Eiger in Switzerland. From the top on the edge of west face, then in the north face til the bottom... _ the noitti Face had been so impressive. It is absolutely essential to check the weather forecast and snow conditions. Take any advice from resort safety experts or high mountain guides. Always practise with utmost safety in mind for maximum enjoyment and fun. Nano Leporello English.indd 1-3

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rs, like Gin’s For a few years now, a handful of pionee modified pilots, have used skydiving parachutes or test and his team, not only have the advantage kites. Gin wing, of experience when designing a speedflying in the most but have also tested everything personally very top challenging environments, right from the Mont Blanc (from the first exciting speedflights from (setting and the Eiger) all the way back to the basics From up the first speed flying schools in the Alps). Gin’s team either extreme and everywhere between, flying wing. is best placed to provide the ideal speed brand to Winter...

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