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Bobcat - 1

SPEEDFLYING MODEL : BOBCAT GLIDE RATIO : 4-6 SOARING : 30 > 45 km/h SPEED : 40/60 km/h MINI PARAGLIDING MODEL : YETI #19 / AKRO GLIDE RATIO : 6-8 SOARING : <35 km/h SPEED : 40/45 km/h PARAGLIDING MOLEL : BOLERO to BOOMERANG GLIDE RATIO : 7-10 SOARING : <30 km/h SPEED : 40 km/h Gin Gliders is member of the PMA (Paragliding Manufacturers Association) Art direction, design, production: Eric Roussel ::: MODEL : NANO / FLUID GLIDE RATIO : 1-4 SPEED : 50/90 km/h Photos: Jérôme Maupoint There is a flying machine to suit every taste: paragliders, mini-paragliders and now, speedgliders…

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Bobcat - 2

Speedflying, a new flying concept Speedflying is flying fast downhill. The concept has evolved from speedriding, the fast mountain descent under a speedglider launched on skis. For the past few years, Gin Gliders has been the leading innovator in speedriding. Now comes the first Gin Gliders speedglider launchable by foot: the BOBCAT. Speedriding Launched on skis Rider: François Bon, GIN test pilot Speedgliders, a new concept in wing design Speedriding and speedflying are both based on a new design concept developed by Gin Gliders. Speedgliders are not scaled-down, mini-paragliders, like our...

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Bobcat - 3

Speedflying, fields of use “Traditional” Speedflying Unlike modern paragliders, the Bobcat will give you an adrenaline-powered ride down a mountain, following the slopes and ridges. This is due to a lower glide ratio and higher trim speed. You’ll reach the bottom faster, but with a huge grin on your face. Soaring in stronger winds Ground training Howmanypilotsconfrontedwith“strong”windsof30-45km/h,havedreamtoftheBobcat?Hereitis! On the sea coast, in the mountains, or on your favorite hill, when it is impossible to take out your paraglider from the bag, the Bobcat is ready to take over. How...

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Bobcat - 4

Bobcat, the speedflying wing The Bobcat is the speedglider launchable by foot created by Gin Gliders. The Bobcat is opening new horizons of piloting for expert and careful pilots with a lot of flying experience. The air, the speed and the fun are joined for a new dimension of flight… the possibilities are growing! The play of trajectories and speed against the relief opens new piloting potential, as yet unexplored using soft canopies. Bobcat, the speedflying equipment The Bobcat speedglider is delivered with: - Bobcat harness - Bobcat rucksack FLAT AREA (m²) FLAT A.R PROJECTED AREA (m²)...

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