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HSM 500 - 2

Passion for Precision GF Machining Solutions When all you need is everything, it’s good to know that there is one company that you can count on to deliver complete solutions and services. From unmatched Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), Laser texturing, Laser micromachining, Additive Manufacturing and first-class Milling and Spindles to Tooling and Automation, all of our solutions are backed by unrivaled Customer Services and expert GF Machining Solutions training. Our AgieCharmilles, Microlution, Mikron Mill, Liechti, Step-Tec and System 3R technologies help you raise your game—and our...

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HSM 500 - 3

Applications Highlights Machine base Accuracy With high speed to EDM Applications in graphite smart machine Options for all needs Customer services Technical data GF Machining Solutions High speed milling has never been so easy... Mikron’s HSM 500: The unique concept of the HSM line designed to meet mold- and toolmakers requirements. No compromises Highest accuracy, extreme dynamic and best surface quality. Incomparable accessibility, best ergonomics, and a user friendly handling of the machine. Consistent quality Every machining centre “made by Mikron” has been assembled in our...

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HSM 500 - 4

As flexible as your production is... Thin walled part Material Aluminum Time 27 min. Machine HSM 500 Bottle mold Material Hardness Priority Time Machine Mold core Material Hardness Priority Time Machine Car light mold Material Assab S136 Hardness HRC 50 Time 240 min. per cavity Machine HSM 500 Mobile phone mold Material NAK 80 Hardness 40 HRC Time 416 min. Machine HSM 500 Hot pressing die for fittings Material 1.2344 Hardness 25 HRC Time 216 min. Machine HSM 500 Car antennas mold Material Assab S136 Hardness HRC50 Time 60 min. per cavity Machine HSM 500

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HSM 500 - 6

Precision and quality for tool and mold making Trapezoidal window for a clear view of the machining process Dynamic tool spindle with vector regulation and ceramic hybrid bearings Effortless crane loading Protected tool magazine and tool measurement area. One sliding door with a large window Powerful machine control system Full table size available for work Software modules for efficient, controlled working Integrated tank and chip management GF Machining Solutions machining centers feature extraordinary ergonomics. Unparalleled accessibility regardless of the respective machine...

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HSM 500 - 7

Machine base Sophisticated concept for m aximum rigidity Closed structure The O-shaped portal increases the structural dampening characteristics Polymer concrete Striking features of polymer concrete include high thermal resistance and outstanding damping characteristics. It is not susceptible to oil or cooling lubricants and does not undergo an aging process. Cross slide The cross slide is weightoptimised to meet highly dynamic machine tool motion requirements. Polymer cast machine base Portal construction for high r igidity and compact foot-print. Pyramid-shaped design The pyramid-shaped...

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HSM 500 - 9

Maximum accuracy... ...through optical linear scales, cooled drives and consistent quality control Scanning reticle High speed spindle A key factor in a high speed milling machine... + Vector controlled motor spindle for short run-up and brake times and high torques at low speed + Ceramic hybrid ball bearings with oil-air minimal lubrication + Liquid-cooled stator jacket and bearings + HSK interface Touch probe A compact and extremely accurate touch probe is available as a standard option. + Easy set-up + In process calibration + Measurement in the machine Quality control Every MIKRON HSM...

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HSM 500 - 10

With high speed to EDM Graphite electrodes, like high-speed machines, are both designed to increase productivity and customer values. The high speed milling of graphite electrodes requires not only a high reliability and performance spindle, it also requires exceptional vibration damping and repeating machine accuracy. Advantages + Absolute optical linear scales on X, Y, and Z axis o perating with a measuring step of 0.02 guarantees incomparable positioning precision + Better thermal inertia of machine base due to the polymer concrete + All feed motors, the electrical cabinet and the motor...

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HSM 500 - 11

Efficient production in universal applications Material: Graphite R8710 Radial cutting depth Axial cutting depth Machining time D n vf ae Operation Tool [mm] [rpm] [mm/min] [mm] Roughing toric 6 22’000 4’000 4 Prefinishing toric 3 30’000 2’500 2 Roughing toric 1.5 30’000 2’000 1 Prefinishing ball nose 1 30’000 1’800 0.2 Finishing ball nose 0.6 30’000 1’500 0.1 Radial cutting depth Axial cutting depth Machining time D n vf ae Operation Tool [mm] [rpm] [mm/min] [mm] Roughing toric 6 18’000 4’000 2.5 Prefinishing toric 2 27’000 2’000 1.5 Roughing ball nose 1 30’000 800 -Finishing ball nose 0.6...

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HSM 500 - 13

smart machine Brings intelligence into the milling process Advanced Process System The unique vibration monitoring system With the help of this system, vibrations that occur during a milling process can be made visible as a “G-load”. So it is possible to intervene selectively in the process and optimise it. APS Long tool at 4025 rpm Long tool at 5525 rpm Short tool at 5000 rpm Intelligent Thermal Control The unique in-process compensation Usually, the machine operator has to wait for the m achine to settle to a thermal steady-state for a couple of hours. With the Intelligent Thermal...

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HSM 500 - 14

Rotating window Minimum quantity lubrication ITM - Intelligent Tool Measurement Laser tool measuring APS CAMplete Econowatt SIGMA FMC ITC ITC 5X ITM OSS OSS extended OSS extreme PFP RNS SPS Mobile handwheel smart machine

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HSM 500 - 15

Customer Services New digital service possibilities GF Machining Solutions Customer Services continues to push technological boundaries to deliver the future of services to you—today. rConnect is the digital services platform available for all GF Machining Solutions technologies. Following a m odular approach, rConnect comprises a range of services that empower you to increase your manufacturing productivity. Certified with the TÜViT Trusted Product Certificate. rConnect Messenger, we deliver machine data to your mobile device to keep you constantly informed about your production. You can...

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