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T408 - 1

T408 turboshaft engine modern design for heavy lift missions

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T408 - 2

modern technology, expanded capability The T408 is designed to be the most technologically advanced turboshaft engine in its class. GE Aviation's strong commitment to technology investment and dedication to understanding customer requirements have resulted in an engine with superior benefits. Compared to its predecessor, the proven T64 turboshaft engine, the T408 provides: • 57 percent more power • 18 percent better specific fuel consumption (sfc) • 63 percent fewer parts For emerging and future applications, the T408 offers significant operating advantages, competitive acquisition costs...

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T408 - 3

Modular engine with sealed oil sumps and accessible gearbox for ease of field maintenance 7,500 shp class Corrosion-resistant materials throughout the engine to operate in the marine environment Engine-mounted FADEC with prognostics and health management to improve performance and reduce maintenance cost

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T408 - 4

Modern turbine aerodynamics, materials and cooling schemes for durability and efficiency dependable performance for harsh environments Building on the architecture of the widely used and dependable T700 engine family, the T408 integrates significant features such as sand-tolerant and corrosionresistant compressors and turbines to provide abundant, reliable power in the harshest conditions. Its sturdy, modular design is maintainable anywhere. Rugged compressor with split casing and erosion coating to increase time-on-wing In addition, this technology infusion minimizes the engine footprint...

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T408 - 5

positioned for future applications The T408 is a viable candidate for a broad range of fixed-wing, marine and rotorcraft applications. Tandem Rotor Single Rotor Tilt Rotor Designed with superior value in mind, the T408 delivers a fuel consumption advantage that translates directly to extended range, increased payload and enhanced mission flexibility.

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T408 - 6

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