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Aerostructures - 1

GE Aviation Aerostructures Facility Overview This document provides information on the capabilities and facilities at the GE Aviation aerostructures business at Hamble, in the UK, including its history and experience in the design and manufacture of civil and military structures and assemblies on various aerospace platforms

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Aerostructures - 2

Aerostructures Vision Statement The trusted and competitive global aerostructures partner of choice, offering high-value solutions for design, development and production requirements of the aviation industry, today and tomorrow Introduction GE Aviation, an operating unit of General Electric Company, is a leading producer of jet engines and integrated systems for civil and military aircraft, and aero- derivative engines for marine applications. Technological excellence, supported by continuing substantial investments in research and development, has been the foundation of growth and helps to...

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Aerostructures - 3

Aerostructures Design and manufacture of major structures and precision components. Fixed and Moveable Wing Structures GE manufactures the Mid Fixed Trailing Edge Details on the A380. With design responsibility, Hamble made the necessary investments to prepare and support its production on the basis of a long-term contract. The production activity involves machined metallic elements, with some assembly. Each shipset is composed of approximately 400 deliverable items. In production since 2003, more than 150 shipsets have been built. GE are also risk sharing partners to Airbus on the A350XWB,...

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Aerostructures - 4

Airbus machined items Dash 8 Engine Nacelle Nacelles GE Aviation, Hamble builds the complete engine nacelle assembly for the Dash 8 Q400 regional jetliner, which is a hybrid of metallic and composite items. It is produced and fully equipped at the Hamble facility, involving some 40,000 line items, and delivered to Bombardier as a complete unit. Centreline Fuel Tank The company also oversees an extensive supply chain for the various components produced and supplied by other companies. GE Aviation, Hamble also assembles and integrates the engine mount unit in the nacelle, which is supplied by...

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Aerostructures - 5

Manufacturing Facilities The following gives a brief overview of the main facilities at GE Aviation, Hamble. Further details on any specific aspects of the site’s facilities can be provided on request, or arrangements can be made for a site visit\tour which fully demonstrates all of GE Aviation’s capabilities. Tooling GE Aviation has considerable experience in the design of all forms of tooling, ranging from large aerostructure assembly jigs, through to sheet metal press tools. Whilst the majority of tool manufacture is now subcontracted, the design function is retained in-house and...

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Aerostructures - 6

Composites GE Aviation’s composites department has a long tradition in composite manufacture and has continued to enlarge the size and scope of its facilities to meet the diverse needs of the aerospace, and automotive, industries. The company has also developed a particular expertise in the manufacture of structural composite panels using pre-preg processed ‘out-of-autoclave’. The main aerospace facility is equipped to handle large components and structures in carbon, glass and aramid fibre, both a monolithic and honeycomb sandwich assemblies, produced by both vacuum oven curing and...

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Aerostructures - 7

Sales Distribution Customers and percentage sales forecast for 2014 Spirit AeroSystems 8.86% Others\Spares\RTW 4.58% Airbus UK (Military) 4.36% Airbus France 2.62% Quality is one of the basic operating principles of our company, driving us to provide products to our Customers that meet or exceed their requirements for performance, delivery and value Each of us is directly responsible for knowing our Customers’ requirements, both internal and external. We will, individually and collectively, demonstrate compliance to those requirements by continually striving to improve our processes, reduce...

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Aerostructures - 8

A little bit of Hamble’s History…….. The Hamble Site celebrated 75 years of aircraft manufacture during 2011. In 1936 British Marine built the factory to manufacture flying boats, and over the years Hamble has been involved with the vast majority of major aircraft programs. Hamble is proud of its heritage and the long association with the aerospace industry on the South Coast and its worldwide customers…………… a site to be proud of for its past, its present and its willingness to shape itself to the opportunities of the future. GE Aviation Systems Limited, Hamble-le-Rice, Southampton,...

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