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Terra Diamond Turnstile Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure Approved for Government Use, please contact CPNI for details The CNI (Critical National Infrastructure) Terra Diamond Turnstile is also Approved for Government Use, please contact CPNI. CPNI & LPS1175 Turnstile Frontier Pitts Ltd has become the first company t o achieve LPS 1175 Issue 6.1 for the full height Terra Diamond Turnstile Security Rating 3 & 4. Tested using bodily physical force and a wide selection of attack options. The Terra Diamond Turnstiles are the only turnstiles currently on the market that are approved to • Certified to LPS 1175: Issue 6.1 • LPS 1175 Security Ratings 3 and 4 • Certification No. 1059a/01 & 1059a/02 The High Security Turnstiles successfully resisted an intensive attack test program in accordance with LPS 1175: Issue 6.1. Under the category of Building Fabric, this involved a series of attack using a wide array of hand tools and battery powered Protecting your World The British Manufacturer of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

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• Heavy duty high security turnstile (Red Book listed) • Anti return solenoid lock • CPNI Base - Approved for Government Use, please contact CPNI • LPS 1175 Security Ratings 3 and 4 (Certification No. I059a/0I & l059a/02) • Power locking bolt - provides turnstile lock down • Turnstile seeks next lock position so users cannot become trapped within the unit • Designed and proven to withstand a considerable degree of physical attack • Extra high security with a full CPNI approved fence line integration • Infilled rotor arms prevent climbing and items being passed through the turnstile •...

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