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High Security | Anti -Terrorist | Government | Military | Airports Parking HEIGHT Rising kerb Benefits & Features • Provides a simple solution and added security to sites where vandalism is a risk • Vehicle detector loops • 100% duty rating - designed for continuous and frequent use. • Instantly Reversible Industrial hydraulic pump drive unit with Motor protection and Switched fused supply • Security lock on cabinet door • Reinforced hoses for long service life with hydraulic seals • The Road blocker top plate is fully coated with an anti skid resistant treatment, which has been fully tested under laboratory conditions for at least 12 months • Safety photocell beams, light curtain and ultra-sonic sensors • Signage, audible alarms and flashing beacons • 100/200 Traffic Light System Civil Requirements 300mm Lift Blocker foundations (millimetres) L: 3790 x W: 200 (plus blocker width) x H: 150 Control cabinet foundation Area: 800mm2 x D: 300mm ROADBLOCKER WIDTH + 630 x 860 x 820mm OPERATING SPEED • Typical operating speeds of 3-6 seconds* depending on configuration OPTIONS • Stainless steel cabinet, Signs, Traffic light systems, Vandal resistant light cages • Can be interfaced to any access control system • STANDARD HYDRAULIC CABINET 800 x 800 x 300mm Note: Power and control wiring ducts to be incorporated into foundations Electrical Requirements * • 10 amp, 5 wire, 400V, 50Hz - three phase & neutral (single phase supply possible) The Parking Height Rising Kerb with SMT (Surface Mount Technology) is a surface mounted unit requiring minimal foundations with a lift height of 300mm and widths up to 3m. Provides a simple solution and added security to sites where vandalism is a risk • Lift height of 300mm • Widths up to 3000mm • Bespoke manufacturing * his is subject to a risk assessment to ensure the automatic eq

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