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Bi-FOLD gate FULL HEIGHT FPT1 Security | Traffic Control | Commercial | Industrial BENEFITS & FEATURES CIVIL REQUIREMENTS • 100% duty rating - designed for continuous and frequent use • Single Rotor Turnstile Foundation: 90° L:1500mm x W:1500mm x D:300mm • Single Rotor Turnstile Foundation: 120° L:1500mm x W:1500mm x D:300mm AUTOMATIC BARRIER • Signs, Special Colour, Lights, Cowled Switch, Trombone Rotor • Can be interfaced to any access control systems • Twin Rotor Turnstile Foundation: 90° L:2200mm x W:1500mm x D:300mm • Twin Rotor Turnstile Foundation: 120° L:2200mm x W:1500mm x D:300mm Note: Power and control wiring ducts to be incorporated into foundations ROAD BLOCKER ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS * • 230v 50Hz 2 amp supply single phase Depending on configuration BOLLARD Turnstile Frontier Pitts Full Height FPT1 model of pedestrian turnstile is designed for perimeter use and normally used adjacent to security sliding gates or security hinged gates, thus providing both pedestrian and vehicular control • 90° and 120° rotor options • Single or Twin Cage Rotors • Bespoke manufacturing Applications: The popular pedestrian turnstile providing pedestrian access control to many sites around the World. * This is subject to a risk assessment to ensure the automatic equipmen

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