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Security Sliding Gates Specifications • Cantilevered “LoTracker” up to 15m wide* • Sliding Cantilevered Gate up to 10m • Tracked Gates - up to 35m wide* • LPS 1175 Security Rating 2 & 3 • Fully Welded, Made to Measure & Specification Hinged Gates & Actuators • Single Leaf up to 10m wide* • Double Leaf up to 20m* Bi-folding Speed Gates • Widths up to 12m, Heights up to 6m* • Automatic Hinged/Bi-folding Speed • LPS 1175 Security Rating 2 & 3 Gates are powered by actuators • Large range of actuators available IO Bi-fold Gate Official Police Security Initiative Sliding Gates Hinged Gates...

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BLOCKERS & BOLLARDS Security Blockers and Bollards Rising Bollard Specifications Sliding Gate & Road Blocker Road Blockers • Hydraulically driven • Lift heights: 353mm & 533mm • Widths up to 5m Rising & Static Bollards • Hydraulically driven rising/active & static models Static Bollard FRONTIER PITTS PRODUCT RANGE Rising Blocker

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BARRIERS & Manual Products Automatic Barriers and Manual Products Specifications Range of Automatic Barriers • Boom lengths up to 10m • Automatic Barriers with lower folding skirts up to 9m • Automatic Barriers with full height swivel skirts up to 7.5m Automatic Barrier Manual Products • Barriers, Road Closers and WagonStoppers Full height swivel skirt Automatic Barrier FRONTIER PITTS PRODUCT RANGE Manual Barrier

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PEDESTRIAN GATES & TURNSTILES Full Height Turnstiles, Wicket & Qwicket Gates Wicket Gate Pedestrian Gate Specifications Pedestrian Turnstiles Twin Turnstile • Full height Single or Twin Pedestrian Gates • Wicket, Manual • Qwicket, Automatic FRONTIER PITTS PRODUCT RANGE

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Verified Product tel: +44 (0)1293 422800 web: www.frontierpitts.com R FRONTIER PITTS PRODUCT RANGE Frontier Pitts Ltd. Crompton House, Crompton Way, Crawley, West Sussex UK RH10 9QZ tel: +44 (0)1293 548301 e-mail: sales@frontierpitts.com web: www.frontierpitts.com PROTECTING YOUR WORLD

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