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WALK BEHIND VACUUM SWEEPERS Gasoline Versions CRACKSWEEP HIGH PERFORMANCE SUCTION FOD KILLER Designed exclusively to rid your ramp of embedded Foreign Object Debris (FOD) in recessed areas, the CrackSweep uses a simple principle of aerodynamics — restricting airflow increases its velocity — to concentrate suction straight down into hard-to-reach places, such as grounding points, cracks, aircraft tie downs, concrete expansion joints and door tracks. A brawny ¼" (0.64 cm) plate steel impeller, poised above a specially engineered suction baffle, produces a whirlwind vortex — sucking up, punching and crunching rocks, hardware, glass, paper and other FOD before flinging it safely and quickly into the heavy-duty capture bag. No other walk-behind vacuum has the ability to suck FOD from cracks and holes like the concentrated suction of the CrackSweep. RAMP VAC SWEEPER, WITH QUICK DRAW SIDE HOSE Nicknamed “Fodzilla”, the RAMP VAC will hunt down FOD across broad sweeping areas inaccessible to other sweepers, such as hard stands, passenger gates, fences, GSE parking spots and hidden corners between buildings. The full 30" (76 cm) intake covers a lot of territory, while the Quick Draw Side Hose and auto baffle give your operator the ability to reach into places where hidden "sleeper" FOD threatens to ambush crews less diligent than yours. Use the RAMP VAC to handle sweeping along the perimeter of your operations ramp where treacherous FOD can blow onto your aircraft operations area without warning. (800) 425-8363 • www.fodcontrol.com • info@fodcontrol.com • 548 Forest Center Plaza, Garland

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Propane Versions FEATURES: INCLUDED WITH BOTH MODELS • 6Hp Briggs & Stratton Intec, EPA certified Gasoline Powered Engine (optional Propane version) • Spark Arresting Muffler Assembly — Safe to operate near brushy perimeter areas or grassy medians (US Forest Service approved) • Brawny formed and welded steel modular design, made to last during travel, hard use and operation in difficult terrain • Impeller Shaft Guard prevents wire, string etc. from binding on shaft • 11 cu. ft. (0.311 m3) capacity rot-resistant Polyester capture bags with easy-empty 55" (140 cm) zipper and screened vent for...

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