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FLY SYNTHESIS Strada Provinciale n° 78, km 12,150 33050 Mortegliano (Ud) Italy + 39 0432 99 24 82

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By tradition. Fly Synthesis is synonym of composite materials. The technology of our _ aircrafts is connected to these materials, since the company establishment in 1984, the time when the first composite fuselage for a single seat ultralight aircraft was developed. Our stylistic and technological innovation is one of the fundamental factors of the success of our aircrafts. We have conducted extensive technological research and continuous long-term development to convert these distinctive characteristics of our air: planes into consistent stylistic elements . . throughout our production...

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S YN C R O The Syncro project is based on an innovative concept: in terms of design and technology, aerodynamics and performance, and safety. Its essential yet harmonious lines are the product of an innovative design that does not compromise top-level comfort and ergonomics. The Syncro maintains the characteristics that distinguish all Fly Synthesis’s airplanes: wide view, capable and comfortable cockpits, excellent manoeuvrability. The mission of this project is to transform the spirit of flying, making the airplane an tool to test the most advanced concepts of aerodynamics and...

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Designed to be desired, the Texan matches exactly the demands of pilots who want a sports aircraft: fast and efficient but at the same time easy and cheap to operate. This side by side two-seater ultralight is made with carbon fibre and epoxy resins in order to guarantee the highest levels of safety, efficiency and strength. From its comfortable cockpit, you can enjoy a 360° view. The high level of study during the design and development period is evident in the ease with which the Texan can be flown, ensuring excellent control of the aircraft in all flight conditions, including unusual

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attitudes, which have been thoroughly tested and evaluated in development and test flights. The Texan’s versatility and accessibility allow the installation of a control stick that has been specially designed by our engineers, allowing disabled people to fly the aircraft in complete safety. Advanced technology used at the production stage, offers a degree of safety above the highest expectations, due to the use of carbon fibre and aramid fibre (Kevlar). This ultralight can be equip- ped with a ballistic recovery parachute, and retractable landing gear. The large instrument panel, can be...

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Imagine a world that is totally harmonious and free. Imagine the airplane of your dreams: this is Storch's philosophy, shared by hundreds of pilots whose dreams have come true with this airplane. In 1991 we launched a highly innovative product onto the aviation market. Storch was, and still is, the bridge between "tubes and fabric" models and the modern idea of an ultralight. The successful combination of aluminium and composites, which characterised the Storch at the time, opened the way for the subsequent design of airplanes built entirely of composites. Today's Storch is a side by side...

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Catalina is an amphibious aircraft designed for professional use. It is an extremely enjoyable aircraft, easy to use in amphibious operations. The Catalina NG project originated from the persistent market demand for a versatile and cost efficient airplane. The Catalina is designed for heavy marine use. Therefore, the entire design process has taken into account all aspects of structural deterioration due to salt water corrosion, therefore choosing materials and processes that ensure long-term corrosion protection. The tricycle landing gear is fully electrically retractable, and can be...

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The Wallaby is a two seater three-axis basic aircraft with open cockpit, designed to get more performances in comparison to the traditional basic ultralight aircrafts. The optimised aerodynamic configuration allows short take-off and landing and a very good cruise speed with lower power settings. In the Wallaby, the philosophy of a simple aircraft meets the technology of composite materials. The result of this design is a fun and enjoyable ultralight aircraft that gives the pilot and passenger the complete and pure pleasure of flying in contact with the air, together with excellent...

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0FLYSYNTHESIS Strada Provinciate n. 78 km 12.150 33050 Mortegliano (UD) - Italy tel. +39 0432 992482 fax. +39 0432 931280 mail: info@flysynthesis.-com

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