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Smallest, Lightest, Smartest

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Satellite SBD tracking Auto switch Cellular tracking/voice/data Auto switch Satellite voice/SMS tracking to cellular tracking Satellite voice option to satellite tracking Flightcell DZMx pioneered dual network, uninterrupted GPS tracking via satellite and cellular networks, to significantly reduce the cost of tracking. • Fully unlocked system - you choose your tracking and airtime provider. • Uninterrupted tracking - even when you're on a call. • Hybrid tracking via satellite and cellular networks - uses cheapest option when in range, providing more GPS positions for even...

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Flightcell DZMx - 3

FLEXIBLE CONFIGURATION OPTIONS CONNECTORS OPTIONAL EXPANSION CARDS OPTIONAL MODEMS CELLULAR 4G/LTE/3G 7 ADDITIONAL discrete data inputs ADDITIONAL ETHERNET MOUNTING OPTIONS • DZUS (5.5”) • GA radio rack (6.25”) OPTIONAL FUNCTIONALITY • Iridium PTT • Firefighting app • Agriculture app • Dropbox app • Virtual Private Network (VPN) NIGHT VISION OPTIONS BUILT IN WIRELESS OPTIONS • NVIS B - Civil • NVIS A/MIL3009 - Military • WiFi • Bluetooth® THE DZMx SYSTEM STANDARD AUDIO 2 x independent audio panel connections DATA INPUTS/OUTPUTS • 5 primary discrete inputs • 2 outputs • 7 additional discrete...

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Flightcell DZMx - 4

Built MILSPEC tough and packed with features, Flightcell DZMx is the world’s smallest, lightest and smartest satcom system. DZMx FEATURES DZMx (civil) side view. GPS TRACKING DZMx offers dual network, uninterrupted GPS tracking via both satellite and cellular networks to significantly reduce your tracking costs. Cellular IP Tracking DZMx utilises cellular technology that offers low cost position points at 15-second intervals. Truepath™ for more precise tracking DZMx bundles multiple GPS positions during each transmission to provide more precise mapping of the aircraft track. Unlocked -...

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