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F2 2019

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MISSION The F2 is the newest aircraft from Flight Design general aviation. One we think will define light aircraft safety, performance and comfort in a CS-23 certified aircraft, as an S-LSA and also as a 600 Kg Ultralight. The F2 brings a fresh look at high-wing light aircraft design with class leading safety features and an innovative Garmin avionic suite. The spacious ‘extra-large’ cabin of the F2 has been designed for extra rigidity and incorporates a combination of dynamically tested passenger seats, panel-mounted AMSAFE™ airbags and an Airframe Emergency Parachute System (AEPS) for...

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Vision zero Firewall Forward As a modern and advanced light aircraft, the F2 uses propulsion systems that match the efficient concept of the airframe, the Rotax 912iS and Turbocharged 915iS. Both engines offer a high level of sophistication, redundancy and efficiency. With the Flight Design ‘Smart Start’ and CFD designed split flow cooling systems, the F2 starts easily and keeps it cool even in the hottest climates. Oil and Coolant thermostats complete the temperature management and all systems are easily accessible under the quick-toremove cowling. The F2 cockpit has been designed...

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Production of the F2 is performed by our young and highly motivated staff in Germany, Ukraine and the Czech Republic. The development of the new F2 has also required a change in the production methods used to build it. With expansion into EASA certified production authorization, we have been audited and shown compliance to the applicable aviation standards in all of our facilities. F2 was designed and tested using the most advanced CAD programs available and these systems are also applied in production of the aircraft. Modern design tools such as CFD, FEA and CAM are used for close...

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Graphic Designs FLIGH1 DESfGN The colors reflected on the brochure are only approximations of the original colors.

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F2 Technical information F2 Technical information I 11 F2 Dimensions Main Dimensions: Wing span Wings: Airfoils FD 144-44 inboard, FD 144-42 outboard Wing area 10.50 sq. m (113.0 sq. ft) Aspect ratio 8.2 Mean Aerodynamic chord (MAC) 1.166 m (3.83 ft) SUMMARY OF PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATIONS Maximum gross weight * Projected and to be confirmed by flight testing Horizontal Tail Cabin Width 1.29 m (50.5 inches) Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW): 650 kg (1433 lb.) Basic Empty Weight 365 kg (805 lb.)

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FLIGHT DESIGN general aviation GmbH Am Flugplatz 3 99820 Hörselberg-Hainich Germany phone: +49 36920 7530-10 email: info@flightdesign.com web: www.flightdesign.com Editorial responsibility & disclaimer Information given in Flight Design brochures or in other printing matter may be subject to alteration without notice. Care has been taken to ensure that the contents of this publication are accurate but FLIGHT DESIGN general aviation GmbH and its subsidiaries do not accept responsibility for errors or for information which is found to be misleading. Suggestion for or descriptions of the end...

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