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Fleetplan - 1

Aircraft Operator Management Software for … 1 Aircraft control Crew management Schedule & planning Crew rest time Safety management and audit Controlled manuals Certificate monitoring Collaborative work-flow Cloud storage Mobile accessible

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Fleetplan - 2

fleetplan provides a state-of-the-art programmed and safeguarded web-based platform, enabling the handling of aviation specific demands and supporting financial and controlling relevant administrative management processes to boost the Operators’ business. fleetplan facilitates the track-keeping, monitoring and reporting on accounting-, tax- and aviation-law relevant exigences and requirements. fleetplan covers multiple mission profiles and business models under one unique and modern software plat

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Fleetplan - 3

modern software architecture 3 By using “jQuery” technologies, fleetplan provides the advantages of Document Object Modelling (DOM) features for its usage: o o o o all information are linked between each other. Related (background) information can be accessed by directly clicking on the linked information; no ”Windows like file manager tree organization and searching” will be required; navigation becomes much faster, easier and intuitive; requirements (e.g. EASA Rules, Regulations, Guidance Material) are directly linked to company own established manuals (-> no compliance matrix needed,...

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Fleetplan - 4

Flight Conduction Flight Preparation Flight Operations Quality & Compliance CAMO & Engineering MEL/ Hold Item List Announcement Screen Route Planning Operations Manual Quality Manual Training Handbook Boarding Pass Weather Briefing Crew Duty Roster Planning Manuals Edition Training Modules Manual Mtce. Next Due Monitoring Base / Line Maintenance Luggage Ticketing Flight Plan Filing Crew Allocation Manuals Validation Course Documents Configuration Control Shop Maintenance Crew/ Pilots Check Lists Freight Ticketing Crew Briefing Flight & Duty Time Control Manuals Distribution Course Schedule...

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Fleetplan - 5

Business management functionalities 5 Work-Flow Management Finance/ Accounting Facilitation Collaboration Human Capital Customer Database Accounts Receivable Meeting Calendar Information Management Quote & Pricing Controlled Documents Accounts Payables Contact Details Certifications & Qualifications Communication Management Trainings / Qualifications Article/ Item Management Dunning Management 360° Resources Status Information Contract Management Book Keeping File Export (DATEV) Real Time Resource Validation Time & Attendance Voucher & Ticket Management Online Reservations Travel Management...

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Fleetplan - 6

Logiciel de gestion du transporteur aérien - compagnies aériennes Hélicoptères & avions Gestion et surveillance Aircraft Operator Management Software - Aircraft operators Helicopters & Planes Administration and Contro

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