Landing Gear Control Lever and Valve


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Hydraulic & Pneumatic Equipment Lever: Electromechanical cockpit control. Upon manual operation, it provides electrical and/or mechanical pulling signals to the L/G hydraulic control valve. A lever is operated by manual force to give UP to DOWN or DOWN to UP (pull to operate). The same lever can be further moved from DOWN to DOWN EMERGENCY after a catch has been removed. Daylight and Night Vision option. Valve: Multi-ways hydraulic directional control valve. Failure tolerant aluminum alloy manifold design. Electrical actuation by two Solenoid Pilot Valves for the normal UP-to DOWN operation (four ways, three positions, spring centered). Mechanical actuation for the DOWN EMERGENCY operation (five ways, two positions, spring retained, accumulator powered). Low leakage, spool actuated internal shut-off valve to avoid unwanted exploiting of the accumulator. Emergency position indicating electrical signal. TECHNICAL DATA: (Employed on AW101) Lever: Via Piemonte, 19 20030 SENAGO (Milano) Italy Tel.: +39 0299010754 Fax: +39 0299010759 e-mail: Operating Temperature:

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